Congratulations, Distinguished Classified Employees!

Spokane Public Schools proudly honors its Distinguished Classified Employees for 2018-19:

Dawnmarie Long, paraeducator at Lincoln Heights Elementary, exhibits a calm, professional manner no matter what situation she is handling. She teaches small groups of students who are diagnosed with a wide range of intellectual and physical disabilities and does a phenomenal job of balancing compassion with a firm approach. She holds students to high expectations and encourages them to grow both academically and socially. Students struggle, get connected to her, are shown her love and support, experience some success, and thrive. Dawnmarie does not wait to be asked to help, but instead takes the initiative to support others, doing what is ultimately best for the school, classroom, teachers and students.

Melissa Perier, office manager at Shaw Middle School, is the primary go-to person at Shaw who will either have the answer to your question or find it for you. She holds herself and her team to a high standard of excellence. No matter how stressful her work becomes, she greets everyone in a warm, friendly manner. Melissa seeks out and attends professional development as often as possible to better herself and the experience she is able to provide others. She is remarkable as a role model, coach, and mentor for her team, trainees, and colleagues. Her care and attention to detail in everything she undertakes is extraordinary.

Jeremy Gomez, head custodian at Sheridan Elementary, is a great teammate. His willingness to serve in whatever capacity is asked of him is truly one of a kind. He takes pride and ownership in the presentation of the school, both inside and out. Jeremy not only responds to staff and students’ needs, but because of his daily focus on relationship building, he anticipates those needs. He shares the belief that if students have more positive adult role models in their lives, their chance of success increases. As Jeremy walks around the cafeteria helping to clean up spills and open straw wrappers, he also checks in with students to build the positive relationships they thrive on.

Thank you to Inspirus Credit Union for making this program possible, and to Luigi’s for their continual support.