Glover gets grant from College Spark

Glover Middle School will use a $150,000 grant over the next three years to implement Restorative Practices. The College Spark grant will help students build self-regulation and resiliency strategies with the aim of increasing success in school.

Glover plans to partner with the Sound Discipline organization to

  • provide restorative practices training for staff, as well as school-based strategies for working with students in trauma
  • implement class meetings through advisory that will teach students problem solving, self-regulation and resiliency strategies
  • use school data to implement programmatic changes to support restorative practices throughout the school.  

CollegeSpark funds programs that help low-income students become college-ready and earn their degrees. Their grants go to organizations and institutions throughout Washington state that are helping low-income students improve their academic achievement, prepare for college life, and graduate from college. 
“We are excited to partner with College Spark and Sound Discipline around this powerful work to support student success," said Principal Kim Halcro. "We believe education is the most important factor in guiding the future for our students, and as a result of this grant we will address barriers many of our students face and ultimately improve persistence and success rates for our students.”