Connect to the CCSS/NGSS/Content Standards with Timely Tech Tools

Posted by Jane Miller on 10/20/2014 3:00:00 PM


Connect to the Common Core with timely tools

We all know Common Core Standards are all about conducting research, consuming and producing media. These is a thread woven throughout the Standards.


As educators, we know there are many tech tools that can enhance teaching and learning, giving students broader access to information. These tools also engage students, and leverage resources in a new way that is natural to young people.


Students today have access to unlimited amounts of information. As teachers we must teach sorting skills so students can effectively wade through vast amounts of information in an efficient manner. The following resources give students ways to access information about topics they want to learn about.



It isn't just funny cat videos anymore. YouTube has become the number one learning channel for young adults and teenagers. Educational videos are available on every topic that might be touched upon in school. You can find everything from an explanation on the size of the universe to multiple examples for how to master multiplication facts The sheer number of videos on a topic can be daunting, but given lessons on discerning quality resources from those that are inferior, students can quickly find appropriate videos applicable to their content of interest.



Students love Wikipedia. It is written in an official tone and often appears in the top results for a Google search. While much of the content is reliable, students must learn to scrutinize the content and compare it to multiple sources to illuminate biases. Wikipedia offers information in a FAQ for schools Students, when using Wikipedia, must know how to track down original sources using links provided.



This new resource helps students "compare the point of view of two or more authors for how they treat the same or similar topics, including which details they include and emphasize in their respective accounts" (Common Core State Standards language). This resource allows students to explore interconnected topics and see the relationships and connections between them. Students can begin with a well-known topic and jump to other related topics. With this tool, students learn to think critically by forming creative association. Once you put in a topic, Mediander offers topics that are connected and explain the connection. Think Six Degrees of separation. You will be surprise at how seemingly unrelated topics have strong connections.!/