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IMPORTANT: your student must register for the bus every year to be eligible to ride

Register Your Student for the Bus Every Year

Go to to register your student for the bus. 

Registration must be completed every year for your student to be eligible to ride the bus.


Bus Tracking Information for Parents

There are two apps available to parents to help track your child and your child's bus.


Durham Bus Tracker Image
For tracking the location of your student's bus, dowload the DURHAM BUS TRACKER APP

This app is available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores. 
Durham Bus Tracker allows you to view your student's current school bus location and information about the route, in near real time, including the scheduled arrival time to your home.


Z Pass Plus Image

If your student has received, and is using their Z-Pass on a regular basis (these will be used more frequently in the coming years) you will also be able to track when and where your child gets on and off the bus with the Z Pass Pluss app.

To learn more about the Z Pass Plus program, please visit