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Greetings from our new principal

Dear Chase Families and Students,


My name is John O’Dell, and I writing to introduce myself as the new Principal of Chase Middle school.  I am honored and excited to have been selected to serve the staff, students, and families of Chase.


I have served youth and their families in a variety of capacities over the last 16 years.  From youth ministry in Missoula Montana (Go Griz!), to teaching history at Garry Middle School and Ferris High School, and most recently serving as an Assistant Principal at Ferris High School.  My previous experiences with Middle School students and familiarity with the Chase community are just a few of the reasons I am so excited for this opportunity.


Over the years I have always been impressed by the wonderful students Chase has sent to Ferris.  I know this is due to the heart of the Chase community.  I believe parents are the first and most important teachers.  I see the collaboration with schools and families as critical.  I want you to know I desire to partner with you in the crazy journey of raising Middle School students.  Please consider joining the Chase Parent Teacher Group (PTG), or sitting on our Parent Advisory committee.  I not only want your partnership; I know that the success of our students depends on it.


I also want to encourage you that your students are in good hands.  In my years at Ferris I was fortunate enough to meet several Chase Staff, but over this summer I have met even more.  I have been so impressed by our hard working secretarial and custodial staff, the large group teachers giving up the first few days of their summer vacation to train and plan for next year, and the passion of our returning administrators.  It’s no wonder the night of my interview several Chase students told me the best thing about Chase was their teachers.   I will work alongside the fine staff of Chase Middle school to pursue growth for all students.  


Finally, I believe that Middle School should be a time of exploration and growth.  Middle school is a critical time for students as they work to figure out who they are, and what activities they are most passionate about.  I will work to ensure students continue getting a high quality education while being prepared for as many opportunities as possible.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.  I am eager to get to know you as I serve the staff, students, and families of Chase Middle School.  Go Chargers!




John O’Dell

Principal Chase Middle School


Phone: 509-354-5000