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CoMP School Supply Order Form 2018-19

COMP School Supply Order Form for 2018-19 School Year


How many of you dread going school supply shopping? Wouldn’t it be nice to come to open house or the first day of school and have your child’s supplies all ready for them in their classroom, like magic? This year, we will make that happen for you. All you have to do is pre-order.  Complete the order form and email your order to by 6/22.   

Please send payment to



Kindergarten Bundle-$25

Includes: Cinch sac, clipboard, sketchbook, and 1-1/2 inch white 3 ringed binder with clear color sleeve.


Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grades) Bundle-$25

Includes: Cinch sac, clipboard, sketchbook, 8-10 colored pencils, composition book


Upper Elementary (4th-6th grades) Bundle-$30

Includes:  Cinch sac, clipboard, 3-hole zippered pouch, one 3-4” ringed binder, one 1” ringed binder, 2 packages of subject dividers, 8-10 colored pencils, composition book, thumb drive


Middle School Bundle-$35

Includes: Cinch sac, one 2” ringed binder, 8 dividers, mug, water bottle, 4 composition books, sketchbook, 8-10 colored pencils, pencil pouch, pens, pencils and fine tipped markers


Cinch sacs may be ordered in gray or hot pink and may be personalized with your child’s first name for an additional $8 per sac. Please make all checks payable to COMP. For specific questions, please contact Jenn Pary at