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College Application Process

College Application Process @ LC

Weighted Grades/Transcripts: To learn more about the new +/- grading scale, class rank calculations, and the weighted transcript request process, visit:
College Application Process Presentation: Counselor presentation on the application process.
Naviance is the online tool you will now use to support your applications to the schools you choose. It is important to recognize that Naviance is NOT the tool you will access to apply to colleges and/or universities; it is simply the tool you will use to manage your requests for transcripts, recommendation letters, and any other supporting documentation you will need to complete the admission process. Put another way, you will access either the Common Application or whatever application the school in question asks you to use, and then you will access Naviance to make the required documentation requests. If you have questions about that, please feel free to contact Mr. Norton in the Career Center, your counselor, or the guidance secretary in the Student Office.
Helpful Hints for Using Naviance
  • Establishing a Common Application Account - IF the school to which you are applying requires the Common Application, you must create a Common Application account, complete the FERPA waiver process (done once and applicable to all Common Application schools), and sign in to Naviance to connect your application to the Naviance program (click here to see a helpful how-to video). 
  • Establishing your applications list in Naviance - Once you have determined which two-year and/or four-year schools you will apply to, access the Naviance Family Connection page and use the "colleges I am applying to" link to create a list of schools to which you will apply. It is extremely important that you make sure the application deadline is accurate and that you know HOW you will apply (e.g. Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision). The Student Office will process your document requests according to the application deadlines you provide.
  • Acquiring Recommendation Letters - IF the schools to which you are applying require recommendation letters (not all do), you must first complete the purple Autobiography Guide for Recommendation Letters form that is available in the Student Office. Once you have spoken to your teacher/counselor and asked for a letter, you will provide them the form, access Naviance, and submit a formal request for the letters and your transcripts (click here to see a helpful how-to video). Be sure to tell your letter writers to which schools you want the letters sent. If you do not, letter writers will not know to which schools they should send your letters.