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Student Email Release Form

With parent/guardian approval, the District will be providing students in grades 9-12 an unrestricted e-mail account that will have full access to communicate with any other Internet e-mail account and is essential to your student in college and career preparation activities and collaboration work with other students. The parent/guardian approval for unrestricted email will remain in effect for the student unless there is written communication revoking approval. Both the restricted and unrestricted email accounts are to be used by students solely and exclusively for purposes consistent with Spokane Public Schools’ curricular and educational needs. Both email accounts come with access to MS Office 365 web-based applications and online tools.

The School District will not voluntarily share student e-mail addresses with any party outside of the school district. However, the School District may be compelled by public records laws or other laws to disclose district-provided student e-mail addresses and/or e-mail messages. Students have no right to privacy or expectations of privacy when using a District issued e-mail account because, among other reasons, student e-mail accounts are subject to inspection by the District at any time and shall be monitored by the District to assure compliance with district policy.

Email accounts carry with them certain inherent risks, which may include but are not limited to: the inadvertent dissemination of personal information or other information that is desired to be private whether by the sender or as a result of an email being forwarded; receiving communication from unwanted, unauthorized and/or dangerous persons; access to the email account by unauthorized persons; accessing email account when such distractions could result in harm, such as while driving; and receiving threatening, harassing, sexually explicit, obscene or illegal emails.

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