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Congratulations! Bucket Fillers 11/8/2018


CONGRATULATIONS!  to the following students who have been chosen as this week's Bucket Fillers!

Addison L.  "Addy is such an excellent helper to everyone.  She is always willing to do extra by helping someone.  She has so many friends as a result of her kindness." - Mrs. Anselmo

Kassi I.   "Kassi always solves problems in a kind and thoughtful way.  She is helpful to others as well.  That is why she has so many friends I'm sure!" - Mrs. Anselmo

Brayden M.    "Brayden is a great student.  He has taught our whole class how to dance The Floss.  :-)" - Ms. Fox

Josiah F.    "You are a hard worker and you are kind to others.  You always include everyone and you follow the rules." - Mrs. Hogue

Kaylee W.    "Kaylee is a super hard worker!  Kaylee is working so hard to problem solve with Mrs. Cate and others!  She works hard to fill the bucket of others!" - Mrs. Cate

Nathan B.    "Nathan is a thoughtful and caring friend to all!  Nathan always tries his best to meet our class expectations." - Mrs. Putzke

Madison S.    "You have shown responsibility for doing your work.  We love how you are always willing to shar and take turns.  Nice Job Madison!" - Mrs. O'Connor

Tristan B.    "Tristan has been working really hard on not getting upset by small problems and is doing great!  He is also improving his handwriting and is such a hard worker!" - Miss Bettinson

Martti B.    "Martti always works hard and tries his best.  He has been doing a great job being a self-manager." - Mrs. Burnette

August K. "August comes to school everyday with a respectful, responsible and safe mindset.  Her caring and compassionate heart always brightens everyone's day!" - Mr. Klingback

Marianna A.    "You are very responsible and always make sure you complete all of your work.  You are so kind too!  I am so glad you are in my class this year!" - Mrs. Byers

Elliana S.  "Elliana you notice when our community needs something and always pitch in." - Mrs. Fischer

Ezyas J.    "Being a hard working student, working to complete work on time, being a good friend to classmates."