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Christmas Bureau

Green present with red and white striped bow

Christmas Bureau

Providing gifts and food to those in need at Christmastime.


December 12 - 21

Closed Sunday, December 16

Doors open from 10am - 2:30pm


Spokane County Fair & Expo Center

Fairgrounds located at 404 N Havana, Spokane Wa


Required Documentation

Recipients myst bring documentation to very ALL who live at their address.


Adults - 18 years and older

Bring Proof of:

  • Photo Id - copies are acceptable
  • Physical address - examples of acceptable documentation:
    • Pieces of mail sent to your physical address
    • Bills
    • Rental Agreement
    • WA Apple Health Statement

Children - 17 years and younger

Bring Proof of:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth or Age
  • Physical Address - must match the adult in the home.  Examples of acceptable documentation:
    • Letter from school, DSHS or daycare
    • WIC folder with current WIC check enclosed
    • WA Apple Health Statement


*Social Security cards are NOT ACCEPTABLE*     *Birth Certificates may only be used to verify date of birth*


This is not an activity of the school or school district.  Distribution of this material and the use of district facilities does not constitute an endorsement or sponsorship for the event/information by the school or the district.