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Regal Elementary Student Handbook

2018 Regal Elementary Student Handbook

Statement of Nondiscrimination:

Spokane Public Schools complies with all federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability, sexual orientation including gender expression or gender identity, or honorably discharged veteran or military status. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX/Staff Civil Rights Officer, ADA Officer, Haraassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)/Student Civil Rights Officer and/or 504 Compliance Officer:

  • Title IX/Staff Civil Rights Officer, Kevin O'Neill, 509.354-5961

  • Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)/Student Civil Rights Officer, Dr. Adam Swinyard, 509.354-7393

  • 504 Compliance Officer, Gwen Harris, 509.354-7393

  • ADA Officer, Dr. Linda McDermott 509.354-7265

  • Affirmative Action Officer, Kevin O'Neill,509.354-5961

  • Equal Opportunity Officer, Ramon Alvarez, 509.354.7344

You can report discrimination and discriminatory harassment to any school staff member or to the district's Civil Rights Coordinator, listed above. You also have the right to file a complaint (see below). For a copy of your district’s nondiscrimination policy and procedure, contact your school or district office.


2018-2019 School Calendar

Arrival Time:

Students should not be on school grounds before 8:15am except for those attending breakfast or with special permission.  Breakfast begins daily at 8:00am and ends promptly at 8:30am.  Students should go directly to the designated line up area.  Students will enter the building with their teacher at the first bell.

Dismissal Time:

School is dismissed at 3:00 pm.  Walkers are expected to leave the grounds immediately.  Bus students line up at the designated bus pick-up area.  Students are NOT allowed to ride a different bus home with a friend or relative, they need to go home in the usual manner.  Students are not to return to campus before 5:00pm unless they are participating in an approved activity.

Regal Single Point of Entry

Our doors will be locked from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Breakfast starts at 8:00 a.m. and is served until 8:30 a.m.  Students attending breakfast will enter through the front doors.

ALL adults (parents, guardians, volunteers, visitors) must enter through the front doors.  There will be a camera on the left, after you enter the first set of doors.  You will not be able to enter the building until a staff member identifies you and lets you in.  Please remove hats, hoods, sunglasses or anything that could hide your appearance.  Look into the camera to help us identify you.

Adults picking up a student must show ID.  Adults picking up a student who is not on the student's pick-up list will not be let in until a parent is contacted, and the adult is approved to pick up the student.

After entering the building, everyone must check in at the office and receive a visitor's pass.  If your student is late, and you cannot accompany them to the door, please send your student with a note or call the office (354-3900) stating the reason for the tardy.

We value our partnership with parents.  The best way to talk with your student's teacher is to prearrange a meeting by calling or by emailing before school, 8:00-8:25 a.m., or after school 3:00-3:30 p.m.

With our single point of entry, it is important we all work together to have our students in class and ready to learn at 8:30 a.m.  Please pick up your student outside after school.

There are times during the day that are very busy.  We will get to each person as quickly as we can.  Thank you for helping us keep our students safe.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Hot breakfasts and lunches are served daily at Regal.  The school district will also publish a monthly calendar that is available at Monthly Breakfast and Lunch Calendar.  Meals may be purchased with cash or by establishing an account with our computerized meal program at  My School Bucks.  

The cost of breakfast and lunches are subject to change.  You will be notified of any changes when they take place.  Breakfast and lunch may be purchased in advance in the school office.  Please include your child's name and room number on the check.  Forms for free or reduced lunch may be filled out at Free or Reduced Lunch Form or obtained from the office.

Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their students.  Keep in mind, that parents are not allowed to use funds from their students account to purchase their meal.  Adult meals can be purchased in the office prior to lunch.  

We encourage students to refrain from bringing carbonated beverages or energy drinks to school.

Students will line up for breakfast in front of the main entrance.  Students are expected to go to the cafeteria and eat their breakfast upon their arrival.  Food is not to be taken outside or out of the cafeteria.  Breakfast students in 1st -6th grade will exit to the black top, while kindergartenders will exit out the front to their line-up area. Classroom teachers will escort students into classrooms at 8:25am. 

The cafeteria is always carefully supervised.  The atmosphere in the cafeteria is intended to be pleasant, relaxed and orderly.  Students will be expected to follow the established cafeteria rules and conduct themselves courteously and responsibly.

Birthday Treats at Regal

We love celebrating birthdays at Regal, but would like to ask your support as we create a healthier tradition.  Please do not send birthday treats to school.  Throughout our district, over 30% of our children are dealing with overweight and obesity issues and Spokane Public Schools is committed to creating a healthy food environment that will model good food choices.  The concerns around food in the classroom include: obesity issues, life threatening allergies, sanitation concerns, and rodent/pest control.

At Regal, every morning during announcements we acknowledge those students celebrating birthdays for the day and any students celebrating over the weekend.  Also, once each month our wonderful kitchen staff makes cookies for ALL of our students (regardless of whether they have hot lunch or bring their own lunch) and we celebrate those students who have birthdays that month.


Washington State has a compulsory attendance law.  This means that students are to be in school every day for the entire year, State Board of Education regulation No. WAC 180-4C-100 states: "Pupils shall be punctual and regular in attendance and shall obey all the rules and regulations of the school district as determined by the Administration and Board of Directors."  Generally, the only excuse for absence is illness.  Regular attendance is of greatest importance for your child's success and is a most necessary habit toward a productive adult life.  When a child is ill, he/she should be kept home, and a written excuse should be sent to the office upon the first day they return.  Parents will be called on the first day of absence by the office staff to verify the child's absence.  It is necessary to know the reason for the absence as the school must report certain communicable diseases. 

Parents are asked to call the SCHOOL ATTENDANCE HOTLINE (at 354-3939, the 24 hour attendance hotline) by 8:30 am if your child is ill and going to be absent.  This is helpful to us and assures the child's safety.

Excused Absence: Children may be excused for medical and dental appointments during school hours.  Students are never to leave school during the school day except by written permission of parents, parental phone permission or by permission of the principal.  Students may make up any assignments during the period of an excused absence.

Tardiness: Students entering the building after the bell has rung are tardy.  They need to report to the office to check in and get a tardy slip to present to their teacher.  Excessive tardiness will result in the school calling home to indicate there is a problem.

If for any reason you need to remove your child from school sometime during the day, please check in at the office first.  You will be asked to sign them out, note why you are taking them, and the office will call your child from class.  Students will be released to the parent or guardian signing their registration papers.  If you wish someone else to pick up your chilc from school, call the school beforehand and/or send a note with your child to alert the office.

Call 354-3939 (24 hour attendance hotline) if your child will be absent from school.


Washington State law requires that children attending kindergarten through the 12th grade MUST be properly immunized in order to attend school.  You must present, on or before your child's first day of school, proof of:

Full immunization or initiation of the schedule of immunization or a certificate of exemption (religious, personal, or medical).

Proof constitutes completion of the Certificate of Immunization Status Form and your signature.

Medication at School

According to state law and district policy, if it is necessary for your child to receive oral medication (prescription or non prescription) during school hours, a medication request form must be filled out and signed by both the physician and parent.  These forms are available in the school office.  All medication must be in a current pharmacy container and will be kept in the school office.  To ensure safety, parents are encouraged to have an adult deliver the medication to school.

Regal's School Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS)

What is SWPBIS?

School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) is a universal, school-wide prevention program that aims to establish a social culture within the school in which students expect and support appropriate behavior from one another.  Thereby, creating a school environment that is socially predictable, consistent, safe, and positive.  The primary goals of SWPBIS are to reduce problem behaviors within schools that lead to office discipline referrals and suspensions, and to change perceptions of school safety.

Target Population

SWPBIS is a universal approach that is geared toward all students (Preschool-6th) at Regal Elementary.  SWPBIS also includes targeted (Tier II) support for small groups or individuals exhibiting problem behavior, and tertiary (Tier III) support for students presenting more complex patterns of behavior.

SWPBIS Pyramid

Disregarding expectations will lead to the following:

Tier 1/Universal (All Students/All Settings)

School-wide, Culturally Responsive 

Systems of Support/School wide PBIS (75-85% of students)

Includes: Expectations sinage, school-wide recognition, social-emotional skills teaching.

Tier 2/Selected

Classroom & Small Group Strategies, (10-20% of students)

Includes: Social-skills groups, daily check in with adult, classroom behavior interventions.

Tier 3/Targeted/Intensive

Individual Interventions, (3-5%)

Includes: Individualized interventions for high-risk behaviors.

RAMS Rules

R-Respect Self, Others and the Environment

A-Accept Responsibility

M-Make Good Decisions

S-Solving Problems Positively

Positive Reward Systems

Yellow (Individual) RAMS Bucks

Awarded by classroom teachers, support staff and volunteers in the building when students display RAMS behaviors.  There is a weekly school-wide drawing and chosen students select from a menu of rewards.

Blue (Classroom) RAMS Bucks

Awarding by classroom teachers, support staff and volunteers in the building when a classroom displays RAMS behaviors.  There is a weekly school-wide drawing and chosen class selects from a menu of rewards.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

1.  Classroom Management Plan

2.  RAMS Reminder with alternative consequences within the classroom

3.  Check-In with "Buddy" Teacher

4.  Phone Call Home

5.  Office Discipline Referral Form

6.  Administrative Review and Action (If Necessary)

7.  Possible Actions could include: restorative practices, temporary removal from class, detention, withdrawal of privileges, in-school suspension, suspension, expulsion, or referral to the PBIS Team or outside agency.

 Playground Rules

Running is allowed on the field.  Walking is required on and around the Big Toy, the overhang and blacktop unless students are playing an approved game.

Wearing shoes that have a back or a strap over the heel is necessary for safety.  Wearing flip flops, sandals or going barefoot is not safe on the blacktop or field.  Without proper shoes, students will be limited on walking on the blacktop.

Only the running game chosen by the supervisor for that day will be played on the field.  The supervisor may have people leave the field if they are not following game rules.

School rules will apply to all games.  These rules are taught at the beginning of the year and reviewed as needed with individuals.

No sports equipment should be coming from home to school.

Students are encouraged to play safely and fairly at all times.

Winter Playground Rules

Absolutely NO snowball throwing or kicking of snow.  Students are not to slide on the ice or play on the snowbanks.

Playground equipment and the "Big Toy" will be used only during safe weather conditions.

Students are expected to wear weather appropriate clothing, such as coats, boots, gloves and hats.

Recess will be held outside as much as possible, as it is very beneficial for students to get outside for fresh air during the day.  In extreme weather conditions, recess will be moved indoors.


Students who ride bikes to school should:

Walk them across crosswalks

Walk them on school sidewalks

Lock them up in the bick racks provided

Wheelies, Scooters and skateboards are not appropriate at school.

Dress Code, Electronics and Bus Safety

Dress Code

Students should dress in a way that is not disruptive to the educational environment or dangerous to themselves or others.

Skirts and shorts, should be no shorter than just above the knee (must be longer than your fingertips hanging at your side).

No revealing shirts, spaghetti straps and tube tops are not permitted unless a shirt is worn under them or a vest or jacket is worn over them.

No revealing shirts, the chest and midriff must be covered completely at all times.  Neck lines and back lines must not fall below the armpit line.  Undergarments are not allowed to show at any time.

Pants are not allowed to sag.  Pants are expected to be pulled to the waist and secured to stay.  Undergarments are not allowed to show.

No hats or bandanas are to be worn in the building.

No inappropriate t-shirts (no alcohol, tobacco, sexually explicit, racist or unhealthy messages).

No gloves or heelie shoes worn in the building.

No pajamas, slippers or flip flops, shoes must be worn.

If your student is unable to follow these guidelines, families will be called to bring appropriate clothing to school.  If someone cannot be reached, loaner clothing will be provided if possible.  Thank you for your cooperation on this issue.

Expensive Equipment

Expensive electronic equipment from home should not be coming to school.  We cannot accept responsibility for any items that are lost or stolen (IPods, cell phones, etc.) . If students carry cell phones for safety, the phones must be turned off and kept in a backpack  between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. or they will be confiscated.  A parent or guardian will have to come and pick them up.

Sports Equipment and Toys

Students are not allowed to bring sports equipment or toys to school.  They will be taken away.

Bus Safety

The bus driver is in charge of the bus and student passengers.  The driver is required to report any students disobedience and misbehavior to the transportatiobn supervisor and school principal.  The RAMS rules apply in addition to the following:

1.  Students will be ready at the bus stop 5 minutes before pick up times.

2.  Students will board and leave the bus in an orderly manner.

3.  Students will sit properly in their seats and remain seated while the bus is in motion.

Students cited for repeated misbehavior will be suspended from riding the bus.

School Communication

We realize that due to separation and divorce, many students live with only one parent or guardian.  The foillowing policy is an attempt to assist the school and parents in communicating with each other under those circumstances.  Until a parent or guardian presents the school with an official document of custody, communication will be sent to the child's residence.  Unless the school receives and verifies official notification that a court order exists to prohibit such action, and verifies official notification that a court order exists to prohibit such action, the non-custodial parent or guardian may 1) receive, upon request, copies of any and all communication from the school about the student, 2) receive, upon request, information about the student's health, attendance, or school progress, and 3) attend, upon request,  a school scheduled conference to review the child's program.  A copy of court orders will be kept on file in the school office.

Conference & Report Cards

Parent conferences will be used to report the progress of students K-6 in the fall and spring of each year.  Conferences are normally scheduled for December and late March.  On conference days, school will be dismissed early.

Parents will be notified in writing or via telephone by their child's teacher at mid-quarter if their child's progress is unsatisfactory.  At the end of the year students will bring home report cards on the last day of school.  No early report cards will be issued.

Damaged Materials

A student may be assessed the cost of replacing any materials or property which is lost, stolen, or damaged through his/her negligence.


Regal has a school counselor.  The counselor works with students, teachers, parents, and other support staff to provide help during time of social, emotional, behavioral or intellectual troubles.  Their role is to assist teachers in classrooms, as well as working with students in small group situations.  The counselor helps students understand their abilities, adjust to a new school, learn to make appropriate decisions, develop skills in getting along with others, achieve more in school, and deal with sudden trauma.

Cumulative Records

It is the school's responsibility to maintain accurate records on each student in a cumulative file.  Included in this file are documentation of parent information, child's academic progress, health records, and verification if your child has been included in any special programming.  Parents have access to these files; however, the school must retain the original copy.  If your family is planning to move out of the area, you may request copies of anything contained in your child's file to use as registration information at your new school.  Our school office will send official copies of your child's file when requested to do so by the receiving school.

Emergency Information

Any changes of emergency information, such as the address or telephone number at home or work, neighbor to contact, and health information, should be sent to the school as soon as the changes are made.  This information is essential in order to provide assistance to your child in case of an emergency.

Visitor Policy

In order to preserve the learning time of students and minimize interruptions to the class, we ask that families wishing to talk to teachers please make appointments prior to coming to the building.  If you have something to deliver to your child please leave it at the office, and it will be delivered at an appropriate time.  Safety is our top priority at Regal.  All visitors to the building must sign in at the office and wear a visitors badge.

Safety Patrol

In cooperation with the Spokane Police Department, Regal trains fifth and sixth grade students to act as safety patrol crossing guards at the intersections nearest the school.  Please remember it is necessary to use the crosswalks as you approach the building.  Students must obey the safety patrol and cross with the patrols in a safe and responsible manner.  Patrols are on duty from 8:15-8:30 a.m. and 3:00-3:15 p.m.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is a required part of curriculumn unless you have a doctor's excuse.  Each student needs to wear appropriate clothing for PE class and after school sports activities.  Tennis shoes with light colored soles and laces or Velcro are required for participation.


Learning is a life-long activity which doesn't stop at the end of the school day.  Students need to learn good study habits, be responsible for completing their assignments,  and make sure they turn in their assignments to their teacher.  Parents can help by providing a place to work that is comfortable, has good lighting, and is removed from the distractions of television and conversation.  It would also be helpful if homework sessions take place during a consistent time every evening.

In the primary grades (K-2), parents and children usually need to work together.  For example, homework may take the form of reading aloud, working on math facts or reviewing skills which require memorization.

In the intermediate grades (3-6), parents should monitor to make sure homework is completed.  The work itself should be done by the child.  In most cases, your child should not need special help from you.


Safety Regulations and Procedures policy S50.30 outlines the porocedures for the safe handling and care of animals for the protection of everyone in Spokane Public Schools.  These guidelines provide information on safety precautions to prevent personal injury or illness due to animals.  Students and staff members with allergies or sensitivities to animals must be accommodated.  Regal requests that families NOT bring any pet on the school grounds and discourages pets as classroom visitors or show and tell activities.  Allowing ANY animal in the school building or the school grounds is at the principal's discretion and requires a Visiting Animal Request Form in advance.

Stray or unattended animals on or near campus will be reported to Safety Services and animal control immediately to help prevent injury to students or staff.