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Brightarrow Automated Phone Messages From Logan



As mentioned in today’s edition of The Lion’s Roar, Logan would love your feedback on our family survey!



Logan: Ask questions to encourage responsible behavior -




Logan: Supervise and discuss your child's online activities -

Logan’s Family Meal Tues. night from 5-6PM!




Students will be dismissed at 1PM all this week for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Please contact your child’s teacher if you do not have one scheduled.



1) Build your child's reading skills five ways -


2) Nutrition and exercise build brainpower -




Don’t miss Logan’s 2nd annual multi-cultural night, this Tuesday from 5-7PM. Look for a phone call tomorrow night with more information from our very own Mrs. Zamora!




Good evening Logan families! This is _____________________. Soy la Sra. Zamora. Buenas Noches queridas familias de la escuela de Logan! Escuchen el mensaje en inglés mismo que repetiré en español.


I am excited to invite you to our 2019 Multicultural Night this Tuesday night from 5:00-7:00 PM at Logan Elementary. Yes, that’s tomorrow night! There will be singers and dancers to watch for entertainment, a fabulous dinner for everyone, and fun activities for all to enjoy. The 2nd Harvest Mobile Market will be here too! All Logan families are invited to attend this FREE event. We hope to see YOU tomorrow night!


Estamos muy emocionados de invitarlos a la celebración multicultural del año 2019 este martes de las 5:00 a las 7:00 de la noche. Será cierto? Sí, la celebración es mañana! Tendremos cantantes, bailarines, artesanías y actividades divertidas para toda la familia. También habrá una fabulosa cena gratis y el mercado móvil de 2nd Harvest estará aquí regalando comestibles para todos. Esperamos ver a toda la familia mañana de las 5:00 a las 7:00 de la noche. Hasta la vista! See you tomorrow!




1) How to enforce rules without saying 'no' all the time -


2) Multi-Cultural Night next Tues., 5-7PM!




Logan: Help your child feel capable of doing hard things -


Logan’s Family Meal Tues. night from 5-6PM!


Good evening, families.

This is ______________ with Logan’s Generation Alive Leadership Team.   Generation Alive is a wonderful program with the mission to empower youth to serve their community through action and service.   Through your generosity in donating money, Logan students will be able to provide thousands of meals for people in need. Every penny raised goes right to our project. Just one quarter will provide a nutritious meal for 6 people!

Every meal purchased will be prepared and packed by the students here at Logan. The more we earn, the more meals we will be able to package and provide for members of our community. Our deadline for donation is Tuesday, March 12th so please, send in your donations before it’s too late. You can send donations with your child, or drop them off at our school office.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!



Make responsibility enjoyable for everyone -



Mistakes aren't the end of the world. They are the beginning of learning -



Logan Skate Night Tuesday, 6-8PM at Pattison’s. $5.25 for entry. $7.25 if wanting speed skates or roller blades. Join us!



Logan: Train your child's brain for problem-solving -



DON’T FORGET! Logan Parents as Partners night is tomorrow at 4;30! Second Harvest Food Bank will also be here!




This is Kelly Petty from Logan Elementary inviting you to our annual Parents as Partners event on Tuesday, February 26th at 4:30.

-We begin the evening with interactive sessions that students and parents attend together.

-At 5:00 we meet together for our community meal.

-Then at 5:30, there will be games and activities in the gym for students as parents choose sessions just for them.

-At the end of the night, Second Harvest Food Bank will be here to support Logan families.

Please join us on Tuesday, February 26th beginning at 4:30.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you then.




This is Kelly Petty from Logan Elementary inviting you to our annual Parents as Partners event on Tuesday, February 26th at 4:30.

-We begin the evening with interactive sessions that students and parents attend together.

-At 5:00 we meet together for our community meal.

-Then at 5:30, there will be games and activities in the gym for students as parents choose sessions just for them.

-At the end of the night, Second Harvest Food Bank will be here to support Logan families.

Please join us on Tuesday, February 26th beginning at 4:30.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you then.



Logan: A positive attitude supports your child’s self-confidence -



Logan: Offer honest answers to your child’s hard questions -

And please join us for Logan’s Weekly Family Meal Tuesday night from 5-6PM!



Good evening Logan Families, this is Mr. Perdue with an exciting announcement about Tuesday’s Logan Family Meal.  SNAP (which stands for Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners) is coming during the dinner to provide Energy Assistance appointments to help families pay energy bills during these cold winter months.

They will also be on hand to talk about energy efficiency and weatherization


The documentation needed for an energy appointment include the following:

  • Social security verification for all household members
  • Any income in the previous 3 months: for a February appointment they count income received for Nov, Dec and Jan. This also includes earned income, social security income, child support, TANF
  • You will need your Power bill or lease if heat is included in the rent

This also is a once a season grant. Anyone who received energy assistance since Oct 1, 2018 is not eligible again until Oct 1 of 2019.




Logan: Serve up interesting conversation with family meals -


Logan: With Spokane Schools being closed today, the Logan Family Meal and Game Night are both also canceled for today.  Be safe out there!




Logan: Set your child up for better behavior -

And please join us for Logan’s Weekly Family Meal Tuesday night from 5-6PM!



Logan:  Mon. 2/11/19- Due to weather, all Spokane Public Schools will be starting two hours late. Buses will run 2 hours late also.



Logan: This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow, 2.8.19, is an early release for staff professional learning.  School will be dismissed at 1:45.  Make it a great rest of the night!




Logan: What happens next? Book series induce kids to keep reading -




Logan: Help your child avoid disruptive tantrums -


And please join us for Logan’s Weekly Family Meal Tuesday night from 5-6PM!




Logan: School friends make school days even better -




Logan: You don't have to answer every question -


And please join us for Logan’s Weekly Family Meal Tuesday night from 5-6PM!




Native Families Filling Out Form


Hello.  This is Mr. Perdue, Logan’s principal, reaching out with a special message for families of our Native students.  Your child is bringing home a form that requests that you fill out some information regarding tribal affiliation and other information for the Department of Education, office of Indian Education.  These forms are directly tied to the amount of money the district receives from the federal government to assist native students. 


As a proud member of the Chickasaw Tribe myself, and having a father who grew up on a reservation in Oklahoma, I believe we should work together to access as many funds as our kids are entitled to.  Please consider filling out the form and returning it to school tomorrow.


Thank you and take care.    



Logan:  No school tomorrow (Staff Professional Development Day) or Monday (Weather Make Up Day) 




Point out strengths when your child struggles -



Logan: Help your child learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. -


Tuesday: Logan Family Meal 5-6PM and Game Night in Library 6-7PM.




Missing Phone

Good evening.  This is Mr. Perdue and you are receiving this call because your student is in Mrs. Johnson’s fourth grade class or your student visited her classroom between 2:30 and 3:00 yesterday, January 16.  During that time span, a student’s cell phone came up missing.  The missing phone is an Axel brand phone that is black in color and has a Galaxy Fortnight Screensaver.  If you have seen it, please contact the school at 354-3434.  And if it is at your home, please do not send it to school with your child.  Call us instead.  Thanks for any help you can provide.   


1.17.19 (text)

Logan: There is 1:45 release tomorrow (1.18.19) for staff professional learning and no school Monday (1.21.18) in honor of MLK day.


1.16.19 eTips

Logan: It's persistence, not perfection, that will see your child through -


1.14.19 eTips

Logan: Set the standard for good behavior -

And don’t forget about Logan’s Weekly Family Meal tomorrow from 5-6PM!



1.9.19 eTips

Make 2019 an organized year for your child -


1.7.19 eTips

Set goals now for success in the new year -


And don’t forget about Logan’s Weekly Family Meal tomorrow from 5-6PM!



Start Up, Happy New Year, Community Meal, Skate Night

Good evening Logan families. This is Mr. Perdue, and I am excited to be the first to welcome you back to school for 2019! It is going to be a great year of learning and fun!


School gets rolling again tomorrow morning, and we can expect to have some pretty cold weather over the next two months. Please make sure your children are dressed for the cold, as getting outside is great for the body and mind! Hats, gloves and coats will be a must for the next few months. If your student is in need of any warm weather clothing, please reach out to Tami Cunningham, Logan’s community health worker to see what we have in stock.


The Logan Family Meal will be back on schedule beginning Tuesday. Make your family’s New Years Resolution to enjoy a healthy and free meal every Tuesday right here at Logan between 5 and 6 PM.


And plan to join your fellow Lion’s on Wednesday at Pattison’s Roller Rink. We have the entire rink to ourselves from 6-8PM.


With that, welcome back and I will see you very soon!


1.2.19 eTips

Devote more time to compliments than complaints -



12.31.18 eTips

There's no limit on the value of this gift -


12.17.18 eTips

Logan: Social skills help your child get along in school -


Also: Last Logan Family Meal for December is tomorrow, 5-6PM! Join us!



12.19.18 eTips

Logan: Be clear about what your expectations are -


12.12.18 eTips

Logan: Trade anger for explanations when your child misbehaves -


12.10.18 eTips and Meal

Logan: Emphasize progress, not perfection -


And remember Logan’s Weekly Family Meal tomorrow from 5-6PM!


12.3.18 eTips and Meal

Logan: Fill playtime with opportunities to learn -


And don’t forget about Logan’s Weekly Family Meal tomorrow from 5-6PM!



12.5.18 eTips

Logan: Smooth mornings start with 'Snuggle Time' -


11.26.18 eTips

Afternoon routines ease morning chaos -


11.28.18 eTips

Boost confidence by increasing competence -


11.21.18 eTips

Choose discipline that teaches with love -



11.19.18 eTips

Explain why keeping promises is a big deal -



eTips and Website for Notifications


Hello Logan Lions!  This is Mr. Perdue. 


If you have already had the chance to read this last Thursday’s edition of The Lion’s Roar, you are aware that beginning this week, Logan will be sending out helpful notifications from The Parent Institute with tips for families on supporting your young learners.  In the Lion’s Roar, I mentioned that the tips would be sent out in text messages each weekday evening at 7:00.  In conversations with Logan’s Instructional Learning Team, it was decided that messages will only go out on Mondays and Wednesdays, so as not to send too many notifications out.  Staff members are parents too, so we are excited to also be receiving these quick tips a few days each week.  So look for your first one tomorrow night! 



And while I have you, I wanted to make you aware that we have begun adding the text of these automated messages to our website.  This will provide you with a place to go in case you miss a message or want to review what it said at a later time.  Just visit our SAY SOMETHING ABOUT HOW THEY CAN GO TO OUR WEBSITE UNDER “Highlights” TO READ THIS. homepage and go to the “Highlights” section and look for the BrightArrow Automated Phone Messages link. 


That’s all I have for you this evening.  Be well and make it a great night!   





Flu Shot Clinic


Greetings Logan Families. This is Mr. Perdue with two items for you tonight. 


Logan had an earlier Flu Shot clinic postponed due to a shortage of the vaccine.  That clinic was rescheduled for tomorrow Tuesday, November 13, between 12 and 3:30 PM. 


Regardless of your insurance, there is no cost to you.  However, we are required to bill your insurance company for the vaccine.  But again, this is completely free for Logan families. 


There are two ways to sign your child up.  You can drop by the Logan office to sign the consent form or go online right now to to register your student. 

That’s to have your student receive a flu shot and help ward off that nasty bug! 


And while I have you, don’t forget The Logan Family meal, happening every Tuesday between 5-6PM.  The food has been great, so make us a regular part of your every Tuesday dinner plans! 


Skate Night/Family Meal/Daylight Savings


Greetings Logan families.  This is Mr. Perdue with couple quick items for you this evening.  But first, I wanted to start with an apology.  I accidentally set the BrightArrow text that went out to all of you about our weekly Tuesday Logan Family Meal at 6:15 AM last Monday morning, when I meant to send it in the PM.  I hope that did not wake any of you up.


So on to the reason for my call.  I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow night is Logan’s first Skate Night at Pattison’s Roller Rink. 


Plan to join other Logan Lions and skate the night away from 6:00-8:00.  Logan has the entire skating rink to ourselves, so it is always loads of fun. 


Admission is $5.25 for regular skates or if you bring your own, and $7.25 if you want rollerblades or speedskates. See you there!


And with today being the end of daylight savings time, I hope everyone remembered to turn back your clocks and to have enjoyed the extra hour today.


Be well and I look forward to seeing each of you very soon! 


11.1.18 (TEXT)

Logan: Extra candy flooded the school today and caused some challenges for students and the school.  Please have your Lions keep their Halloween candy at home.  Thanks! 


10.29.18 (TEXT)

AVID Binders Not Paid

Logan:  If you are receiving this text, please look for a letter coming home this afternoon with your 4th, 5th or 6th grader regarding AVID Binders and school supplies. 



State Science Assessment Results (6th Grade Only)

Good evening Logan 6th grade families. Your 6th grader took the Washington Comprehensive Assessment for Science last spring as a 5th grader.  The results of that standardized assessment were sent home this afternoon with your student. 


If your child took the assessment at a different school, his/her assessment results may not have arrived yet.   


Please take some time to review the results with your child and follow up with his or her teacher if you have additional questions. 


Take care and have a nice rest of your evening.



Logan Family Meal (TEXT ONLY)

Logan Elementary:.  Don’t forget tomorrow’s Logan Family Meal taking place from 5 to 6 PM.  Leave the cooking to us every Tuesday! 



Logan Family Meal and No School Friday

Greetings again Logan families.  I wanted to do one last minute reminder to invite you to come have dinner with us today.  We have our first family meal between 5 and 6 tonight.  We will continue each Tuesday going forward.  So come and join us!  And hey, its’ free!  Come on over after 5:00.  See you here!


And while I have you, please remember that there is no school this Friday for students, as it is a staff learning day. 




Logan Family Meal

Hello Logan Lions!  This is Mr. Perdue and I am so excited to be reaching out to you this evening.  I am hopeful that you have already seen the notices in the last few editions of the Lion’s Roar about a family meal that will be served every Tuesday between 5 and 6 PM, right here at Logan.  We are partnering with Gonzaga University’s Campus Kitchen project to provide the meal each week. 


Why not leave the cooking to someone else every Tuesday night!  And the added bonus is that it is free!  So make us a regular part of your dinner plans every Tuesday between 5 and 6 pm.  It starts tomorrow and I hope to see you here!




Picture Day, McTeacher Night


Good day Logan Families, this is Mr. Perdue.  I am calling this evening to remind you about McTeacher Night tomorrow. 


Beginning at 4:30 on Tuesday and continuing until 6:30, plan to join Logan staff members at McTeacher Night at the McDonald’s on Market Street.  Teachers and Logan staff will be helping take orders and serve meals between 4:30 and 6:30 with a portion of the proceeds from the night coming back to the school.  Even Ronald McDonald usually makes an appearance.  I’ll see you there! 



Open House and Resource Fair

Good Wednesday Logan families, this is Mr. Perdue.  I am calling to remind all Lion Families that tomorrow night is Logan’s Annual Resource Fair and Open House!  Come learn about the exciting things in store for your children this year. 


Beginning at 5:00 and continuing until 7:00, the gym will be full of information tables about different special programs and offerings at Logan during the day, along with extra-curricular and community resources to enrich the lives of your family. 


At 5:30 and continuing until 6:30, you are invited to visit classrooms with your children, say hello to teachers and see where your children spend their days.  Come see what it is like to be a student here at Logan!  This is a true open house style, so you do not need to visit the classroom right at 5:30.  Visit any time between 5:30 and 6:30 and spend the rest of the time in the resource fair!       


Thank you in advance for taking an active role in your child’s education by joining us at Open House.  For when we partner together, our kids can do anything.  


Make it a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow night!



Community Eligibility Provision

Good evening.  This is Mr. Perdue.  You are receiving this call tonight to bring your attention to a letter that was brought home by your student either yesterday or today.  The letter is attached to an important form that we need filled out and returned to school tomorrow. 


Receiving these important forms back at school, helps us maintain funding for counselors, instructional coaches, intervention teachers and more.  Please ask your student for the letter and help get it back to school tomorrow.


Thank you and make it a great rest of the evening!    



Logan Neighborhood Block Party

Good evening Logan Lions, this is Mr. Perdue. 


I am reaching out tonight to invite you to attend the Logan Neighborhood Block Party tomorrow between 3:30 and 7:00.  The block party is a partnership between Gonzaga University and other neighborhood partners including your child’s elementary school. 


The event takes place on the Fourth Memorial Church property on 200 North Standard.  A Free BBQ, event booths, bands and more will be part of the event.  Even Gonzaga student athletes are known to be on hand to shoot hoops with kids and neighbors. 


I’ll see you there! 


And while I have you, please remember that this Friday is our first early release for Peer Professional Learning.  Students are dismissed at 1:45PM.  If your child is not a busser, please make a plan for a 1:45 pick up. 


Make it a great rest of the night! 




Popsicles follow-up, first day of school

Hello Logan Lions, this is Mr. Perdue.  I enjoyed seeing so many of you today at our Popsicles with the Principals event.  What a beautiful day to enjoy a popsicle!   


You know, I just can’t believe it but the first day of school is finally here!  Grades 1 through 6 begin tomorrow morning at 8:30.  We line up inside now, so when you come, staff members will be on hand to show your student which way to go. 


We will be serving breakfast beginning at 8:00 in the cafeteria for those of you who would like to join us.  Others not having breakfast are welcome to come to school after 8:15. 


If you have a kindergartener at home, please remember that your student starts next Wednesday and you have a WaKids conference set during the first three days of school to meet one-on-one with your child’s teacher.  If you are unsure when your time is, please contact our office in the morning at 354-3434. 


With that, make it a great rest of the evening, the choice is yours!   



Popsicles with the Principals

Good evening Logan families, this is Ms. Capko, Logan’s new principal assistant. I am calling you tonight to remind you of the Popsicles with the Principals event that is scheduled here at Logan on the playground tomorrow from 1 until 2 o’clock.  Come and enjoy a frozen treat, visit with Mr. Perdue, Ms. Garrard and catch up with friends.  You might even get a glimpse of a teacher or two, as some have been known to drop by while taking a break from working feverishly to get ready for the first day of school. 


If you cannot remember the time of the event when tomorrow comes around, this information is included on the class placement postcard that you recently received. 


I look forward to meeting you tomorrow and in seeing all of our students on Thursday, which is the first day of school for students in grades 1-6.  


Make it a great rest of your evening.