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Pesticide Application

May 4, 2018


TO:                  All Balboa Parents, Guardians and Staff Members

FROM:             Stephanie Kubej


SUBJECT:         Notice: Pesticide Application!


This is to inform you that our annual dormant oil spray will be applied to the trees and shrubs at Balboa on Tuesday, May 8. This spray application consists of one gallon of mineral oil mixed in 80 gallons of water to cover and kill dormant insect eggs that over winter in our area.  A weed and grass control spray will be applied to the shrub beds and mowing strips at on the same day. This spray is to control unwanted grass and weeds in the shrub beds, around the trees and along the street curb areas.   Our school has taken steps to keep school children away from these areas for 24 hours following the application of spray.  We ask that you and your children refrain from making contact with or playing around the trees and shrubs at our school. A variation from this schedule may occur as a result of inclement weather.  Thank you!