Telecommunications Support -  (Avaya Desk Phones - Fax line connectivity)

    AVAYA Desk Phones: Please do not move phones to another room. Contact your office manager to submit request 
    AVAYA Phones: Telephone Service or Equipment Request                              
    AVAYA Phones: Telephone Guide - Quick tips to trouble shoot your phone:
                                 Troubleshooting phone issues: Phone troubleshooting
                                  Quick Tips for your AVAYA Phone (general info): AVAYA Quick Tips
                                  9620 (typical classroom phone)
                                     SpeedDial Front office/Relabel: 9620 - speed dial front office
                                  9650 (office phone)
                                      Relabeling your 9650: 9650 - Relabel
    AVAYA Aura messaging set-up:                            
                                  Quick Reference Guide: Aura Voicemail Guide
                             Voicemail flowchart: VM Flowchart
                              Message Blocking options:  Message Blocking
                                  Extended Greeting, (Use for Holiday, Summer Greeting etc)  Can set to either leave message or block.
                             Optional Greetings, (set up multiple greetings to be used at later date(s))  Up to 9 greetings can be set

    AVAYA DUAL USER information:  If your phone is set up with more than one
                                  DUAL User 9620:  Dual user for 9620 model
                                  DUAL User 9650:  Dual user for 9650 model
    FAX Lines:  Your telecommunications support can assist you with Fax line dial tone and assist with testing. 
    For fax machine repair and set up please refer to your vendor.
     PTT / Cell phones:  Please contact your support specialist for assistance