Homework Help

At School:

Most teachers have time set aside to help students either before or after school. Contact individual teachers for their help times and staff website information. In addition, Wednesday's Connection time is access time – students can get a pass to see their math teacher for assistance.

At Home:

Resist the urge to “do” homework with your student. It is the student's responsibility, one that will increase as he/she goes on in school. Encourage good study habits; working in a calm, well-lit environment, staying organized, and focusing on the task.  Also, the math team hands out “Nine-Grids” weekly to review, practice and preview skills, usually due on Friday.  These are important support for students on the May state assessment. Students may get some class time to complete their nine-grids, but they may need to spend some time at home to complete them thoroughly and thoughtfully-making them a good starting point for, “What are you doing in math?”

Students may also log into their Blackboard accounts to review/preview helpful videos (; username: student i.d.number; password: six digit birth date). 

 7th MS1, 8th  MS2, and 7th Accelerated Students

Students will have access to physical math textbooks in the classrooms.  Students will take lesson notes and complete practice problems in a composition notebook to be provided by families.  If homework is assigned, students will be provided photocopies of problems to complete.  Their notes and in-class practice will be their guide! 

Your student can also check a textbook out from the library if they find it necessary to have one.

Just like last year, students will be working through the curriculum called “Engage New York” (created by Eureka Math) in order to navigate Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The middle school continuum is called “The Story of Ratios,” and students will study ratios from many angles!  Key areas of focus for grade 7 are ratios and proportional reasoning; and arithmetic of rational numbers.  8th graders will focus on linear algebra. Visit if you would like more general details.  

Some wonderful math-oriented books from Chase Library... 


“Danica McKellar has a message for girls: Cute and smart is better than cute and dumb.”  Danica, star of “The Wonder Years” and “West Wing”, decided to return to college to earn – get this – an advanced degree in MATH! She has written three books for girls, all of which are available from the Chase Library.


            Math Doesn’t Suck: How to survive middle school math without breaking a nail”


            Kiss My Math: Showing pre-algebra who’s boss”


            Hot X: Algebra exposed”


Have your student ask Miss Brown where to find these terrific, fun books.




There are many great websites that have math information as well as math activities. Here are a few:

Khan Academy

Ask Dr. Math

Purple Math


Shodor Interactive Math

Math Dictionary for Kids


Illustrative Mathematics 

Algebra Students

Students are encouraged to check out a Holt Algebra textbook from the library to keep at home during the school year. The Holt textbook is also available on-line; students may check with their teacher for username and password.  Math Vision Project (MVP) is free online ( ).  Students may also log into their Blackboard accounts to review/preview helpful videos (; username: student i.d.number; password: six digit birthdate).

Graphing Calculators

Spokane Schools has provided class sets of Texas Instruments graphing calculators to each Math Teacher.  Here at Chase we are using the TI-84 Plus in most classes. Purchasing a graphing calculator is not a requirement at this level.  If you wish to purchase a graphing calculator for your student, consider the TI-84 Plus, as this calculator will be the one used in High School and can follow a student into their college years.  For more details on the graphing calculator, Texas Instruments offers the following web site:

Math teachers at Chase:





Mrs. Cronin

7th MS1 Res. & 8th MS2 Res.


Mrs. Hillson

7thMS1 & 7th Accelerated


Mr. Keating

8th MS2 & 8th Algebra


Ms McConnell

Instructional Math Coach

 354 5048

Mrs. Morris

8th MS2 & 7th Accelerated


Ms. Raab  
 7th MS1 354-5011

Mrs. Rye

7th MS1 & 8th Algebra


Mrs. Schmick

8th MS2 & 8th  Algebra


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