• Spokane Public Schools would like to thank you for your interest in a position with our school district.  Open positions are posted throughout the year.  You are encouraged to check frequently for new open positions. SPS is an equal opportunity employer, with an ongoing commitment to recruit, retain and support a highly qualified, diverse and culturally responsive workforce.
    Positions are posted for a minimum of five days.  They will close at the end of the business day of the posted closing date.

    Online Applications Instructions

    You are invited to complete an application prior to seeing a position you’re interested in.  To be considered for an open position you must have indicated that specific job in the employment preferences area of your application.  See "Apply Online" application link to the left to apply. Please read the following information carefully prior to completing the online application. 


    Start as a new user. You will be asked to create a user-id and password.

    • Select the type of application to fill out. We have six application types:
      In-District (for current district employees wanting to transfer to
      an open position within their bargaining unit)
      Certificated (teaching and other specialized positions)
      Classified (non-teaching positions such as secretarial, custodial,
      nutrition services, etc)
      Extracurricular (athletic coaches), Administrative, and Retiree (SPS retirees only - retirement within the last 2 years)
    • Fields marked with a red arrow are required. The system will not allow you to submit your application until all required fields are filled out.
    • It is required that you “upload” a resume into your application prior to being able to submit it. There are specific instructions on formatting the file prior to uploading. Please read the instructions within the application for this information.
    • Dates must be entered in the formats indicated. If a field asks for a whole number, you cannot enter a decimal point or it will be returned with an error message.
    • Upon completion of each page within the application, use the Continue/Save button at the bottom of each page. There will be a list at the left to keep you informed of your progress.
    • To apply for a specific position, please select that position from the drop down menu of open positions in the “employment preferences” section of the application.
    • When all sections are complete, click the SUBMIT button and your application will be sent to the Human Resources Department. You must successfully submit your application before it will show in the system.
    • You may return to your application at any time to make changes, additions, or to select another posted position to be considered for.
    • Upon successful submission of your online application form, you will receive an email confirmation.
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    Important Applicant Information
    What if I need a special accommodation to complete these materials?
    Contact our Human Resources office for assistance via the "Contact Us" link on the left.
    If I have questions about your equal employment opportunity policies, whom do I contact? 
    Ramon Alvarez- Director, Classified Personnel and Equal Opportunity Officer
    Human Resources Department
    (509) 354-7344

    What if I do not have access to a computer?

    You may visit the Employment Center in our lobby where we have computer stations set up for your convenience. Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (You will need to have an e-mail account set up prior to using these computers and you will need to bring a resume on a disk to upload into the application.)