Career in Teaching Program
Program Description:

The Career in Teaching Mentor Program is an induction program for all teachers who are in their first two years of teaching.  Participants work collaboratively with a mentor, set professional goals, and participate in a variety of professional growth activities.
The goals for the program are:
  • Welcome and integrate new teachers into the Spokane Public School System.
  • Reduce the concerns and challenges common to the first years of teaching.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills, and practices that will enable new teachers to accelerate their professional growth.
  • Enhance new teachers’ personal and professional development, enabling them to attain higher instructional competence.

CIT Teachers

Mentor Teachers:

Mentor teachers are experienced Spokane teachers who demonstrate exceptional instructional expertise and a love for learning.  They are hired to provide full-time support and professional development for new teachers and others requesting support in the district. 
Some of the mentors’ specific responsibilities include:
  • Making classroom visitations and providing feedback to teachers
  • Modeling teaching strategies
  • Providing resources and curriculum support
  • Helping with lesson design
  • Conducting trainings and workshops
  • Helping teachers to set goals and develop effective professional growth plans.
Professional Growth:

Training, workshops and meetings are offered for new teachers on a variety of topics including:
  • Classroom management
  • District curriculum
  • Student assessment
  • Effective instructional strategies
  • Lesson design
  • Social Justice
  • Technology
  • Parent communication

Classroom observations, conferences and planning sessions occur on a consistent, ongoing basis.