• If you qualify, you can save up to $972 per student each year. This program for enrolled students is a great benefit and we encourage you to apply at any time, especially if your home situation or income has changed.
    Critical Meal Application Information
    All applications from the previous year expire on October 12 or when a new 2018-19 application has been received and processed. To continue or renew your status, Food & Nutrition Services must receive a current year application. Please note that photocopied, or incomplete forms cannot be accepted and may result in a delay in free or reduced price meal benefits. Completed applications are processed within ten days of receipt in the Nutrition Service Office. Once processed, you will be notified via mail of your benefits.
    Applications Are Confidential
    All information on your application is confidential and will only be used for the meal program, unless you request to release the information. Student computer accounts look identical to cash paying students, so no one can tell what the status of any student is. We respect your privacy.
    Apply Anytime!
    You may apply for meal benefits at any time during the school year.
    New Students/New Applicants
    • New students/applicants will need to bring money for meals or bring a sack lunch until their family application is processed and approved.
    • While we have ten working days to process a meal application, our goal is to process your application as soon as possible.
    • New students to the district, including kindergartners, must have an application on file to eat free or reduced meals, even if their brother or sister has been free or reduced.
    • Parents are responsible for all meal charges incurred prior to application approval.
    Helpful Hints

    Following are some helpful tips for filling out the application to assure it can be processed quickly:

    • One form per household with the exception of one application per foster child
    • Additional students and/or household members may be attached on a separate piece of paper
    • Providing food stamp or TANF numbers simplify the process
    • The form must be signed by the parent/guardian before processing is complete
    Please make sure to see the Application Instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the right before you fill out your application. If you still have questions, feel free to call us at (509)354-7270.
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