• World Languages
  • The course description describes the big ideas of the course.

  • Grades 7 - 12

    Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, Willkommen, huān yíng, Huÿnyíng and Welcome to SPS World Languages! We are proud to offer a wide variety of languages in our district: Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese (languages vary depending on the school). Our dynamic and highly qualified instructors use state of the art technology and current educational and brain theory to guide their lesson development, and we are training our language teachers to use Common Core literary strategies in their classrooms. All middle schools now offer at least one language, and some middle schools offer 2 languages with the option to start in 7th grade (these courses articulate into high school). Our World Language Pathway offers the first two years of a language, then the 3rd and 4th year are honors courses, culminating in AP (some schools offer CHS for 3rd year study—a college course in the high school setting for college credit). Students who complete an AP language course are considered for the distinguished senior award of the Medal of Bi-literacy.
    It’s an exciting time to take a language in Spokane Schools!

    The world is in great need of multi-lingual people and we are happy to oblige. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ellen Gillespie (elleng@spokaneschools.org), World Language Coordinator.