Your Rights and Responsibilities
Collective Bargaining Agreement

What are your rights and responsibilities as a certificated employee? This is the negotiated agreement between the SEA and SPS.

Employee Support
Payroll and Benefits Have questions about your pay or benefits as a teacher for SPS? Here's a list of contacts. And if you need to contact Human Resources, here's a link.
Payroll FAQs Have questions? You'll find many of the answers here!
Ordering a Sub
Curriculum Information

Curriculum Guides

Who should use the guides? Every teacher in SPS is expected to align his/her lessons to our district and state standards. The district PowerStandards, Curriculum Guides, and Program Guides help you do this.  The latest versions of these documents for teachers are located in Blackboard and additional curriculum information can be found at Curriculum Connection (the Instructional Program Curriculum Website).

Please note: These guides are living documents that are constantly evolving and reflect our growing understanding of how our students learn. As a teacher for SPS, you are a part of this process as you help us deepen our practice by both use and contributing to the guides.

Curriculum Support Who can I call if I have questions or need advice about aligning my curriculum to the standards or effective teaching strategies? We have lots of support in our district so don't hesitate to contact Instructional Programs for support with all of your questions. --We're here for you!!
Lesson Resources

United Streaming This service gives you access to over 16,000 video clips and still images. You will logon to this service using your Web Login. (Click on this link to set up your web login. *Note You won't be able to login to this page from home.)
ProQuest SPSD has purchased a district license for use of ProQuest, e-Library and CultureGrams. These are excellent tools for use by teachers and students. Check with your school librarian for your building login/password.
Technology Help and Resources
Help Desk:
Whom do I call if I have basic questions about computer hardware setup and use? The ITSC Help Desk folk can help with those pesky technology problems. Give them a call! You can find other ITSC resources on their website..
Educational Technology

What if I have questions about how best to infuse technology into my instruction? We can give you some great ideas!
Jane Miller, Educational Tech Facilitator, 354-7547
Kristin Whiteaker, Director Educational Technology, 354-7296

District Telephones Want to learn how to set up your classroom phone and voicemail? Note: As part of the recent bond approved by Spokane voters, all locations received a new phone system last year. Here's a link to the districts telecommunications page District Telephones.
Intranet What IS it? The SPS Intranet is a local area network that only SPS employees can access using their Web Login. The Intranet is an "internal" or local SPS network in contrast to the Internet , which is an "external" world-wide network. The SPS Intranet provides staff with access to many online district resources. (The Intranet is not accessible from home.) Items on the Intranet will all be reachable from links off the main website when we go to the Schoolwires web content management system in June 2009.
District Forms Online access to district forms. Important Note: This is a district Intranet page, which means that you can only access this page if you're connected to the district network. (You won't be able to access it from home.)
Report Card Templates For Elementary Classrooms - These are official documents of SPS that you may download. Important Note: This is a district Intranet page, which means that you can only access this page if you're connected to the district network. (You won't be able to access it from home.)
InteGrade Pro Users' Guides

For Secondary Classrooms - Need help setting up and using the grading program, IGPro? Here's a series of guides that might help.

PowerschoolHelp Page Need help with the attendance program? Click on this link.
Remote E-mail Need to access your E-mail from an offsite location? (Login using your Groupwise login and password. - Just like you do from your classroom.)
Professional Learning
Course Catalog Want to take a course? Check out the district course catalog for professional learning opportunities.
Clock Hours Use this link to learn how to submit clock hours for salary approval and monitor your clock hour status. If you have questions about this page, contact Susan Colliton at 354-5652.
Annenberg Media

Online Video on Demand . You can view Annenberg Media programs of your choice online with a broadband connection. There is no charge for this service, which provides high-quality educational programming.

AERA SIG AERA list of open access educational journals - This is a terrific list of online educational journals!
Google Scholar This is an excellent search engine for scholarly articles.
Fun Stuff !
Employee Discounts A number of local companies offer discounts to SPSD employees. Check it out; there are some fun opportunities here!