• Scholarships

    Scholarships are another way to help with college costs. Now is the time to register with scholarship websites. For a list of current scholarships available check in the Career Center, the weblist of currently available scholarships or the scholarship lists in Naviance. Remember, volunteer work and/or community service is often required. You will also want to get letters of recommendations, if required, for your applications. Try to give your letter writers at least 2 weeks notice and include a copy of your resume and any specific information you would like them to include. Be nice to them as their letters can definitely make a difference in your application.

    Websites worth checking out:
    www.theWashBoard.org         Washington Scholarship Coalition

    www.collegeplan.org              College Planning Network, Washington State-based
    www.scholarshipjunkies.org   Scholarship Junkies
    www.weirdscholarships.net    Weird Scholarships