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    Eagle Peak School is a unique school in Spokane Public Schools where students have the opportunity to gain competence in academics and social skills needed for a successful life.

    Eagle Peak School's staff is committed to the following beliefs:

      • We believe that all students need an environment where they feel physically and emotionally safe. Our staff are highly trained in relationship development, de-escalation and crisis management.


      • We believe students need to feel connected to staff and to each other to be successful in school. Our small school setting (about 140 students) allows each student to receive personalized attention and support.


      • We believe that students need to experience competency and build new skills through a gradual increase of responsibility and expectations. We emphasize training in behavior and social skills as well as academics.


      • We believe that students perform at higher levels when provided with challenging and relevant curriculum. Our teachers use district curriculum and modify instruction and materials to meet each student's needs. Our students also participate in district and state testing to measure academic progress.


      • We believe that parents are an integral part of their child’s success. We maintain close contact with parents and families and invite them to partner with us to better understand and serve their child. Parents are often requested to meet with staff to problem solve with their child. We have an annual all-school Family Night with food, bingo, and a book fair. TREK and Eagle High School also have monthly Family Night activities to involve parents in their child’s progress.


      • We believe that students are more engaged in school when they are actively involved in high interest areas. We have a range of electives accessed by various programs. Students are able to participate in field trips into the community to apply and practice new skills. We also have a Student Leadership Team, where student representatives from each program plan all-school projects and activities.


      • We believe students need access to real and relevant career and college experiences. We hold an annual career fair where students meet with community members who are experts in a career field. We also plan field trips that take students onto a college campus and we bring college students and/or faculty to the Eagle Peak School campus.


      • We believe that we are all lifelong learners, staff as well as students. Eagle Peak School's staff is committed to weekly collaboration time working together as a professional learning community. Staff development activities are continual, with our staff participating in a variety of trainings, and sharing their expertise with each other.


      • We believe that each of us is enriched because of our differences. We work together to share our cultures and our life perspectives. We believe that working together, we are stronger and wiser than any of us working alone.


      • We believe all students want to succeed in school and life and their parents/guardians want them to succeed as well. We recognize that our students will need our most thoughtful and deliberate support to achieve their goals. We are motivated by the hopes and dreams of our students and our privilege in working with them.



    Melinda Keberle