Welcome to Fitness & Health
    K12 Strong. Lifelong.

    Welcome Fitness & Health students and parents!! This is going to be another exciting semester full of hard work and fun. This letter is to introduce you to the best Fitness and Health department around! We have worked hard to provide the students of Salk Middle School the very best when it comes to instruction and love for fitness. We are proud of our department and cannot wait to get started.  Our mission at Salk Middle School is simple: Teach all students the importance of fitness and health for life and show them how to do that properly with great technique, goal setting, hard work and motivation! This will be accomplished in a variety of ways exposing students to a variety of activities, workouts, equipment and games. We believe that creating good habits now will lead to a successful and healthy future.

    The Salk Middle School Fitness and Health department is committed to high expectations and hard work! We expect students to come prepared everyday ready to go. This includes proper clothing and shoes. On the back of this letter, you will find an expectations guide to help you prepare for the year and make sure your students is ready to go!

     For those of you who may be new to our school or district it is important to understand that Salk Middle School Fitness Department consists of a brand new gymnasium, state of the art fitness center, and wrestling/auxiliary room.  We are grateful for our facilities and have high expectations for students to treat our new building with pride and respect! We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work and learn in such a high quality environment!

     Students will be expected to make improvements through the semester rather than just participate. This will be visible in power teacher with each graded standard within the unit being graded on a 1-4 scale. Units will be titled in a variety of ways reflecting our units and teaching targets.  Students will be expected to demonstrate understanding. Parents will have the ability to check student’s grades, as they will be up-dated approximately every other week.

     Please take a moment to review the expectations page 

     Mrs. Bontrager                354-5593               Shannonb@spokaneschools.org

    Mr Kelley                       354-5594               Scottk@spokaneschools.org