• Ferris Yearbook

    Advisor: Tim Cox 

    Phone: 509-354-6169

     Email:  Timdc@spokaneschools.org


    Welcome to The Exeter!

    1)  Deadline to submit a Sr. Portrait is extended to Nov. 1st: 

    Q: What are the requirements for submitted Senior Portraits and how do I submit one?
    A: Use a crop tool and set it to:  2.5" x 3" tall @ 300dpi resolution.  Title the picture like this:   Smith, Joe,jpg

    They can be submitted online here at http://community.pictavo.com/ , e-mailed to timdc@spokaneschools.org or hand delivered on thumb drive or as a paper copy to Room M511.

    Note: Any submitted portraits that do NOT meet the listed size requirements will be cropped and resized without notice.

    : Have I turned in my portrait?
    A: See updated list below. (Updated a few days after deadline)

    2)  Deadline to purchase a Yearbook for $39 is April 20th. 

    Yearbooks may be availiable for purchase, while supplies last, on the day of distribution for $50 cash only:

    The yearbook is only $39 until April 20th. We must place our order early.  We caution students to not expect to be able to purchase very many at the end of the year because we can no longer budget for extra yearbooks at this low price.  If the publisher prints any extra copies they might be available on a first come first served basis from the business office for $50 cash only. Again, the deadline to purchase a yearbook is April 20th.
    You can go to http://www.spokaneschools.org/Page/1778? to pay for yours on line, or pay at the business office.

    3)  Deadline to purchase and submit a Sr. Salute is April 20th:

    We are excited to announce that we now offer an on-line Sr Salute features this year! You can go to http://community.pictavo.com/ to design your own.  In Pictavo, create an account, (SKIP THE "SCHOOL CODE") and follow the steps (detailed instruction, if you need them are at the bottom of this website), BUT, YOU HAVE TO TYPE IN "ALL4FREE" in the promo code when at check-out because the Spokane Public Schools does not allow us to collect $ from a 3rd party. You can go to http://www.spokaneschools.org/Page/1778? to pay for yours on line, or pay at the business office.
    You can also just send to Mr. Cox's mailbox, 1) picture(s), 2) words & 3) check, and we will make it for you.

    They can be purchased in multiple sizes starting at $25 per 1/8 page, $50 for 1/4, $100 for 1/2, & $200 for a full page.


    4)  Upload pictures and captions for consideration to be put in the yearbook:

    You may also submit photos for the yearbook staff to consider putting in the yearbook on any page, at anytime, as long as we have time to put it in the yearbook. You can go to http://community.pictavo.com/ to upload your pictures.
     Senior portrait recieved list updated 11/2/2018, 2:30 pm:
    Abdulrada Ali
    Al Ameri Zaid
    Al Sabahi Ali
    Anastasi Josh
    Anderson Daniel
    Anderson Tarik
    Armstrong Kathryn
    Aschinger Austin
    Atkins Camden
    Babineau Weston
    Backlund Tristyn
    Bahrami Behzad
    Baird Jacob
    Bates Athena
    Battaglio Riccardo
    Bean Madison
    Berry Malik
    Bina Nathan
    Birland Charlie
    Bjoeraas Anna
    Black Lily
    Blumenstein Claire
    Bohnert Dylan
    Boyd Connor
    Bozett Brock
    Bradford Ashtenne
    Bradley Easton
    Brady Chasena
    Brandt Zachary
    Breneman Keegan
    Brock Katelyn
    Brower Evan
    Brown Madison
    Budimir Angelina
    Burkhead Mackenzie
    Busume Stefano
    Butterfield Allison
    Cabrera Fernando
    Caldeira Hayley
    Caldwell Tanner
    Cameron Colin
    Camp Isabella
    Cannon Jacob
    Carl Payton
    Carranza Stephanie
    Caverly Madyssen
    Caviness Chad
    Chappell Trinity
    Chase Ethan
    Chasse Spring
    Chavez Olivia
    Chayka Mark
    Chitwood Garrett
    Christianson Alexis
    Chumbley Garrett
    Clavel Madison
    Clayden Maddie
    Coleman Taiya
    Colley Danielle
    Condon Jacob
    Conklin Kiara
    Conto Alessandro
    Cook Jake
    Corbett Caleb
    Cordero Sebastian
    Cortner Matthew
    Cosgrove Jenna
    Cossette Eden
    Cox Carly
    Cromwell Alex
    Cromwell Katie
    Cromwell Matthew
    Crooks Carly
    Crump LaQuan
    Cubley Arianna
    Dailey Taena
    Demke Matt
    Duckett Briella
    Edminster Sean
    Erdman Jacob
    Erdman Tyler
    Erickson Kellen
    Eriksen Aiden
    Estes Tiffany
    Evans Morgan
    Fields Levi
    Figg Sarah
    Ford Ashton
    Fowler Kyra
    From Delaney
    Fruci Christina
    Gaimari Graham
    Gamero Lalita
    George Kallie
    George Lorionna
    Geraghty Duncan
    Gibford Ruby
    Gillming Tawnie
    Grady Ryan
    Greensword Jett
    Griffin Jehmasia
    Gross Abigail
    Gutman Abby
    Hart Tayler
    Hawotte Bradon
    Hazelbaker Gibson
    Heidari Mortaza
    Hensley Nikkolas
    Herberger Jonathan
    Herpolsheimer Mia
    Hess Jason
    Hillhouse Kassandra
    Hodge Adrian
    Hodge Katelyn
    Hodges Cole
    Holland Tyler
    Homen Chris
    Hong Isaiah
    Htoo September
    Hummel Andrew
    Husein Isabella
    Irankunkda Mugurwinka
    Irvin Connor
    Jackson Elijah
    johnson Hannah
    Johnson Jared
    Johnson Kameron
    Jones Aubrietia
    Jones Sara
    Joss Nicholas
    Karras Felicia
    Katumbi Solomon
    Kehoe Andres
    Kehoe Diego
    Kelly Liam
    Kenney Aislyn
    Kerr Lindsey
    Kerr Phillip
    Kesler Nathan
    Kieburtz Patricia
    King Dustin
    Kirby Tom
    Konkright Juliana
    Kowitz Coral
    Kranz Kathleen
    Krise-Bourg Brett
    Kubicek Paige
    Lambert Brooke
    Lauritsen Jonah
    LeMay Kyle
    Lemieux Nicole
    Little Amilee
    Logan Matthew
    Long Nora
    Lookabill Tristan
    Loomis Ryan
    Lual Akir
    Lucke Grant
    Luong Anthony
    Lwe Paw Dee
    Mahan Sarah
    Makhanov Jenny
    Manzo Julia
    Markham Jake
    Martin Grace
    Mast Eric
    Mayo Jake
    Mccune Katie
    Mcgoldrick Dylan
    McGregor Carson
    Medina Miranda
    Meredith Ari
    Merenz Huanzi
    Meyerberg Aneka
    Miller Ashley
    Miller Camille
    Miller Kyle
    Miller Will
    Miller Zachary
    Mohammed Natalyia
    Moua Tshwmsim
    mullin Michy
    Murray Julia
    Naccarato Alex
    Nafea Lourd
    Neubauer Max
    Newcomb Jacob
    Nguyen Adam
    Nisbet Issac
    Nunn Donavyn
    Nye Joseph
    Oliver Isaac
    Olson Hannah
    Orosco Camrin
    Owen Nathan
    Pacheco Lauren
    Palmisano Devin
    Pannell Bridger
    Paulson Kohler
    Pelland Madison
    Peterson Caleb
    Peterson Taylor
    Phares Ian
    Pirumyan Mariya
    Pla Belen
    Pongsala Kunlanit
    Ponikvar Orion
    Pope Sierra
    Portoleisi Guiliana
    Posey Noelle
    Potter Rebecca
    Powell Anna
    Powell Nicholas
    Ramos Sofia
    Rees Evan
    Reuland James
    Reynolds Ashton
    Rezai Nasrin
    Riddle Olivia
    Rider Jordan
    Riley Lucy
    Riojas Jazmyn
    Ripley Saphrenne
    Robinson Dylan
    Rohlfing Skyler
    Romriell Kaitlyn
    Rossow Bjorn
    Rowe Ezra
    Rustad Mads
    Sacchetti Trevor
    Saito Samuel
    Sawhill Keziah
    Schaefer Max
    Semivrazhnov Alina
    Sestero Chloe
    Shauvin Grace
    Shingarey Andrew
    Sivanish Carson
    Small Emily
    Smiian Olha
    Smith Caitlyn
    Smith Eliseo
    Snook Jacob
    Soderquist Daniel
    Starkey Grant
    Stewart Sydney
    Stoltz Logan
    Stone Kaya
    Stowell Tyson
    Strauss Jailyn
    Strawn Landon
    Sturgeon Violet
    Suljic Armina
    Svatos Kaitlyn
    Swearingen Alexandria
    Tacconi Alayna
    Tangvald Christian
    Taylor Camron
    Thomas Ally
    Tibbet Justice
    Tkach Sofia
    Torgersen Devin
    Tozzi Ray
    Trach Adaira
    Travis Sydney
    Trimble Caitlyn
    Trowbridge Chloe
    Tschirgi Carlosse
    Tucker Rahmari
    Tucker Trenton
    Ulrich Jocelynn
    Urbancic Anthony
    Urbancic Drake
    Valentine Amber
    Van Lierop Reece
    Vasconez Maria Del Mar
    Vigil Celia
    Vu Allie
    Wagner McKenzie
    Walker Jocelyn
    Ward Taylor
    Wash Conner
    Way Kerstin
    Weaver-Burdett Kaylynn
    Welch Kathryn Ann
    Werner Justin
    Werner Sage
    White Madelyn
    White Taylor
    Woyiba Aurelia
    Wozny Kaliyah
    Wunderlich Parrish
    Xiong Simon
    Yohe Hannah
    Yohe Savannah
    Younger Mayson
    Yuryev Angelika
    Zedkaia Raku
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