• Rubber Chicken 
    The "Rubber Chicken" spirit contest is a cheering competition between Lewis and Clark and Ferris High Schools. Josh Collins, ASB President at Lewis and Clark in 1983, suggested to his counterpart at Ferris that a student competition between the two schools might serve to increase student spirit at both schools. The idea was accepted by both schools and an ugly rubber chicken was chosen to symbolize a reward deeply sought but without actual value.

    Since 1983, the rules have undergone many evolutions. Currently, the student bodies are judged on sportsmanship, creativity, attendance, volume, drill team performance between games, cheer performance at halftime, application of events to the school or rubber chicken theme.

     Rubber Chicken WIN 2012
    Rubber Chicken 2012
    photo courtesy of Keith Currie
    Year Ferris' Theme Win/Loss
    1983 No Theme Win
    1984 No Theme Win
    1985 Hawaiian Waikiki Winter Win
    1986 Hawaiian Loss
    1987 Surfin' USA Loss
    1988 60's (Ferris' 25th Anniversary) Win
    1989 LC's Funeral Loss
    1990 Red Masquerade Win
    1991 Our Hearts Go Out to You Loss
    1992 Paint them Red Win
    1993 Attack of the Red Tide Loss
    1994 Tread on the Tigers Win
    1995 We Feel Like Chicken Tonight Win
    1996 Caught Red Handed - 3rd Offense Win
    1997 Close Encounters of the 4th Kind Loss
    1998 Where's Waldo Chuck? Win
    1999 Keep Chuck Afloat Loss
    2000 Chuck Powers (Austin Powers) Loss
    2001 Hot for Chuck Win
    2002 Old School Rocks (80's) Win
    2003 Lucky Chucky (Las Vegas) Loss
    2004 Scarlet Fever - Spirit Emergency Loss
    2005 Round Up Chuck Win
    2006 Disco Down in Saxon Town Win
    2007 Red Storm Rising Win
    2008 Red Planet Loss
    2009 Chuck and the Chocolate Factory Loss
    2010 Don't Stop 'til We Get Chuck Win
    2011 Fired Up for Chuck Loss
    2012 Super Saxons Save Chuck Win
    2013 Farmer Chuck Loss
    2014 Chuck Disney Win
    2015 Chuck of Oz Loss
    2016 Peace Love Chuck Loss
    2017 The Fast and The Ferris Win
    2018 Chuck Jam Loss
    2019 Surfin' FHS Win
Last Modified on January 23, 2019