• If you are a Spokane Public Schools(SPS) student or Staff member, CLICK HERE TO LOGIN AND SUBMIT A HELP TICKET.



    If you are NOT a SPS student, copy and paste the information below into an email and send it to: blackboardhelp@spokaneschools.org


    BlackBoard Username:




    Description of Issue:


    **Tips on Submitting a Successful Help Desk Ticket**

    In order to receive prompt assistance with your issue, please remember these tips when submitting a help desk ticket:
    1. Be as specific as possible.
    2. Let us know if you are a student or a teacher.
    3. Tell us where you are located, in which school or department.
    4. Give us information on what program are you using, and where the error is occurring, or your issue is located.
    5. Provide a class ID number if possible or applicable.
    6. Don't forget to provide a contact email. Phone numbers are good too, but our primary mode of communication is by responding directly to email through the help desk.
    7. If the issue is in a Blackboard class, in addition to the exact class name and/or ID number, please direct us to the location of the problem in that class.
    Remembering these tips will help us in providing the best service possible to you, and prompt resolution of your issue. The more we have to research, look up, or identify
    unanswered questions, the longer it will take for us to get to your ticket.