• LC Renovation 1999-2001

    Lewis and Clark High School underwent a major restoration project from June of 1999 to August of 2001. Please take a moment to look at these pictures to fully appreciate the momentous task to bring our school back to its deserved glory.

    Interesting Restoration Facts

    • At the current site of the new field house, the old burger and shake shop ("Frosto's", then "The 3 Bears" and later "The Outlaw") along with the apartment house and a storage building had to be demolished and removed from the site along with thousands of yards of rock that had to be blasted away.
    • At one point during the early stages of design of the field house, a partial barrel shaped roof was envisioned over the actual gymnasium portion of the building. It was felt that it would aesthetically compete with the "Grande Dame" of the original main building. So, it was changed to what you see now.
    • One of the political battles fought was over whether to save the old "administration" portion of the old building where the band rooms, the two gyms, and the covered swimming pool were located. Some felt that this portion of the building was historic and should be saved. The entry arch was saved and that is all that remains. The rest of the building literally fell down when a few structural members were removed.
    • To install all new plumb lines, the basement floor had to be dug up with backhoes in the basement. During this excavation, the old foundation from South Central was discovered as were concrete air ducts. The wood floors in the southeast portion of the basement were placed on wood sleepers set only in the dirt. There was no concrete under them. Many trinkets like necklaces, bracelets, money, and photos were found behind the old lockers when they were removed.
    • Remember the open stairwells at the southeast and southwest corners of the original building? They are now gone to comply with current existing fire codes. The entire roof over the stage and a portion of the auditorium was removed and open to the sky. When they were welding the new roof supports into place, some sparks from the welding hit the floor of the stage and caused a small fire.
    • The beautiful terrazzo floor tile in the corridors was mis-ordered with too much of one color and not enough of the other. So, additional tile was ordered from Europe. When it arrived by boat, it was transferred to a truck that was in an accident during the transport and the entire load of tile was spread all over the highway. Some tile was salvaged, but more had to be ordered.
    • The stair treads in the open stair wells as the same old ones, just turned upside down and refinished. A good portion of the ornamental terracotta roof parapets had to be removed and secured again. The tower clock has been fully restored to working order. The pipe organ has been fully restored to full working order.

    Information provided by Butch Slaughter, Capital Project Manager and Class of 1963 Alum 


    Remodel Pictures

    Entry windows
    The grand entryway still stands open, ready to welcome us home Aren't our new windows pretty?
    front office
    The entry looks the same... The LC tile work is all that is left of the old school office
    annex Lobdell
    Front views of the soon to be demolished Annex Mr. Lobdell feels right at home in his old stomping grounds
    annex pool
    The Old Administration Annex coming down The LC Swimming Pool - now an outdoor pool!
    annex annex
    Stevens side of Annex The new "Annex" is going up!
    annex annex
    The new east side addition is coming along
    no wall quad
    An "open concept" classroom What is left of our grassy Quad
    floor pipe organ
    What used to be a stairwell The LC pipe organ is carefully dismantled for storage
    sky side
    The sky bridge is still reaching for the main building The West side exit sans the sky bridge
    auditorium auditorium
    Light finally shines through a window that has been closed up since WWII Getting ready for the upper level viewing area
    floor auditorium
    The auditorium Heavy work in the auditorium
    window hole
    The auditorium windows are open! Is this the real door?
    social studies frame
    The Social Studies Workroom....where did the copier go? The skeleton is taking shape
    basement stair
    The hallways have become a temporary debris field
    library cafeteria
    The old library in its new state of disarray The Cafeteria is being prepared to house the library's new location
    classroom stairs
    A classroom starting to take shape Stairway to no where
    hallway room
    Where are the hall decorations? Just a little work to go until we're done
    boilers boilers
    The remnants of the heating system will soon be a memory
    sideview street
    Steven's (East side view) 5th Avenue view
    Rubber Chicken
    Even the old LC is decked out in celebration of the Rubber Chicken theme - "Under Con-Chuck-tion"
    bridge bridge
    The sky bridge is up!
    The new field house is starting to appear
    The new field house -- a few days later
    The new field house
    fieldhouse fieldhouse
    The field house skeleton
    fieldhouse fieldhouse
    The brick field house facade is looking great!