• What college did you attend?


    In a few sentences, please tell us why you chose education as a profession.

    My family believes that a strong education is key to being a successful and productive member of your community. I believe also that the positive link between families and schools is a crucial part of each students success. I can best help my community by facilitating that link and helping promote a rigorous education for all students.

    What makes your school unique?

    Moran Prairie is known as a kind, caring, compassionate and high-achieving school that supports all students. Our parent community goes above and beyond to foster that feeling of support and achievement for all students. 

    What are the THREE most important things you want parents to know as they head into this new school year?

    We are here to help and support all students and families in the Moran Prairie community.

    We want all students to meet or exceed high levels of academic achievement.

    We want to prepare all students for middle school, high school and beyond.