• LC Seminar Lessons 2018-2019


    May 6 Seminar:

    • 12th Seminar:
      1. In your mailboxes: blank Thank You letters to be completed by the students for LC Staff/Teachers. Letters should be turned into Room 105 at the end of Seminar OR students can turn them in on their own later if they don’t finish.
        • Seniors will also get back their letters they wrote to themselves during 9th grade. Please note: some students do not have letters for various reasons – not at LC, not at school that day, etc.
      2. Seminar teachers – if you could please do a head count for seniors attending the senior breakfast (slips will be in your boxes with the letters).
      3. Please return Thank You letters to Room 105 at the end of class or ask students to return them to 105 as soon as possible.


    • 9th, 10th, 11th Seminar: 
      1. Students will watch the ASB videos and vote for candidates. Voting slips will be in your mailboxes. Leadership has requested that teachers tally the student vote and they will come around to classes to pick up the voting slips.
        • ASB Election PowerPoint - very large file with embedded videos (sound required). Right click and save as before opening.
      2. In your mailboxes: blank Thank You letters to be completed by the students for LC Staff/Teachers. Letters should be turned into Room 105 at the end of Seminar OR students can turn them in on their own later if they don’t finish.










    Prior Lessons:

    September 4

    October 9

    • 9th-11th Grade: PSAT Day Preparation/Student Attribute Survey
      • Students will learn about the PSAT test, room assignmnets, and what they need to bring to be successful on the PSAT.
        • There is one PPT for all 3 grade levels, the only difference is the slide that tells them where their room location will be - please make sure you give the correct information to the correct grade level.
      • Students will complete the annual District Student Attribute Survey.
      • Download the lesson plan: 9th-11th Lesson Plan
      • Download the PowerPoint: PSAT/Survey PowerPoint  (contains video that requires audio)
    • 12th Grade: T-2-4 Day/SchooLinks/Student Attribute Survey
      • Seniors will learn about tomorrow's T-2-4 Day so they know what to expect and where to be. Be sure to have them write down the starting place for your Seminar class so they know where to meet you tomorrow
      • Seniors will get an introduction to the new SchooLinks web site for college application and career exploration. This is a computer based lab that will require students to change classrooms. Jeff will provide the room changes
      • Seniors will complete the annual District Student Attribute Survey.
      • Download the lesson plan: 12th Lesson Plan
      • Download the PowerPoint: T-2-4 Day/SchooLinks/Survey PowerPoint

    November 6

    • Grades 9-11: STATE REQUIRED HIB (Harrassment, Intimidation, Bullying) Training and completing the DISTRICT REQUIRED Student Attribute Survey
    • Grade 12: STATE REQUIRED HIB (Harrassment, Intimidation, Bullying) Training, completing the DISTRICT REQUIRED Student Attribute Survey, and HSBP/FAFSA Reminders

    December 11

    • Grades 9-12: Guest Speaker Jens Larson, Assoc. Vice President for Enrollment Management at Eastern Washington University.  Jens will be speaking on “Digital Integrity:  Online Identity and Reputation Management.” 
      • ALL Seminar classes will remain in their assigned rooms and the presentation will last the entire scheduled seminar time.  Jens will be speaking from room 231 and we will be broadcasting the presentation through a live feed to your classroom.

      • Teacher tech responsibilities are very minimal and very simple.  I have attached a one minute video and one sheet hand out to help explain the process.  A second email will follow this one on Monday, inviting you to “Join Microsoft Team Meeting” on Tuesday.  Everyone already has the Microsoft Teams software even if you have never used it before.  At the beginning of Seminar open the link (see attached instructions) on your computer and through your classroom projector show the presentation on your big classroom video screen.  Please DO NOT delete this second email until after Tuesday.

      • Because it is a live feed and not taped, during Jens’ presentation he can field questions or discuss ideas that may arise from students in your classroom.  Students relay the question/comment to you and you can type it on your computer to be seen by Jens in room 231.

      • We used this type of delivery last year on a very limited, but very successful basis.  (If you had a senior or junior seminar class last year you have some experience with this type of video presentation.)  Be prepared for future seminar lessons to also include this type of live feed---in January we will utilize this method by video conferencing with Theresa Meyer during registration

      • We are being supported during the planning of this event, and during the implementation, by a number of people at LC, ITSC, and SPS Ed Tech.  Thanks to all for their assistance.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions now or on Tuesday. 

      • Resources:

    January 15

    • 12th Grade: Rubber Chicken Door Decorating
      • Tuesday, your Seniors will be decorating your door for Rubber Chicken! Thanks for your help encouraging your seniors to use their creativity and senior experience to show their spirit. Any ideas you can add to the “Chuck goes Hollywood” theme will help lead your class to a donut celebration on January 22! Marybeth has tasked a team of TA’s to assemble the materials and the bundles will be available in Room 107 (Career Center) by this Friday, January 11. Feel free to add to your door with any other props or supplies you see fit! Thanks for helping your senior Tigers embrace this forgotten tradition.
    • 9th, 10th, and 11th Grades: Registration Introduction
      • Presentation will be via Skype (look for the invite and directions in your email - call if you need help!).
      • Handouts in your office mailbox:
        1. Registration Forms - one per student. Make sure every student writes their LAST and FIRST name legibly on their form. Encourage them to use pencil.
        2. AP Potential Letters - not every student will receive one, dependent upon their PSAT scores

    January 22

    • 9th, 10th, 11th: Skype - Registration Wrap Up and Student Led Conference Introduction – I’ve opened up the Skype meeting to begin at 7:00am so you can test out the system. If you test it out before Seminar, we should have everyone on at the beginning and we won’t experience the delays we had this week. Fingers crossed.
      • In your mailbox: Transcripts for 10th and 11th (9th don’t have transcripts yet), directions sheet for SLC, scheduling form, postcards.
      • The goal of the SLCs is for kids to call home and make the appointments, you’ll have time this week and in the next Seminar (Feb. 5) to have them make the calls.
        • On February 5 in Seminar, they’ll do the Reflection Sheet that will guide their conversations during the SLC.
      • Join Skype Meeting
    • 12th: Senior Updates/Transcript Review
      • PowerPoint: right click and save to your desktop - you will run this PowerPoint yourself (no SKYPE).
      • In your mailbox: Transcripts for their review, parent acknowledgement form for no SLC.

    February 5

    • 9th, 10th, 11th: Student Led Conferences - completing the SLC form and finalizing conference times.
      • PowerPoint: right click and save to your desktop - you will run this PowerPoint yourself (no SKYPE).
      • In your boxes on Monday morning for SLC Seminar on Tuesday:
        • Your Scheduling Sheet (if you turned one in, if you didn’t turn it in you still have it)
        • Current Transcripts (including just completed S1)
        • Student Reflection Sheet
        • A few additional postcards for students who will schedule in seminar today (turn postcards in to me)
    • 12th: Students will learn how to read a financial aid award letter. Maguire will send the link.


    SLC Example:

    • Example Video of an SLC.


    February 7 PAWS

    • ALL CLASSES DURING PAWS: Introducing the Student Exploratory Classes
      • PowerPoint: PLEASE make sure to go through it at the beginning of PAWS. If your students do not get the opportunity to register for an exploratory course tomorrow, they may not get registered at all.
      • Here are a few details:

        1. Copies of the course catalog and registration form are ready for pickup – you’ll find them in your boxes.
        2. Runners will be coming around between 10:00 and 10:15 to pick up your registration forms, so kids will need to make a quick decision.
        3. If you have any students absent, please hang on to their registration materials for a couple of days.  Once they’ve registered (or not shown up), pop the form into either Andy Lang or Emily Haxton’s box.
        4. If they ask, students without a 6th period have two choices for these days: hang out in the library during 6th and attend a class, or leave after 5th.
        5. If students have any questions, feel free to send them to Andy or Emily at lunch or outside of school (221 and 223, respectively). 


    February 26 PAWS:


    March 5 Seminar:

    • 11-12 Seminar: SAT Details and Guest Speaker via YouTube Live. Handouts accompany the lesson.
      • Tony Leahy (“Lay-he”) is the Executive Director of Consumer Education and Training Services also known as “CENTS”. CENTS’ mission is to help people improve their financial health. We created the Planning for Post-Secondary Education or Training Activity, which is the centerpiece of Student Loan Awareness Month (SLAM). Governor Inslee issued a Proclamation in support of SLAM and the Activity. Mr. Leahy is going to overview the activity and planning for post-secondary education or training in his presentation.

      • If you have any questions or problems, please email me at ericw@spokaneschools.org or Jeff Norton at jeffn@spokaneschools.org with your room number and we will swing by to troubleshoot.

      • Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/cyh1Lp9w7hg

    • 9-10 Seminar: Financial Literacy Lesson
      • Learning Targets:
        • Students will understand concept of net pay
        • Students will complete activities
        • Students will discuss concepts presented
      • Lesson:
        • Prior to Seminar time, please read through lessons to have a sense of the flow of the material
        • Divide students into groups of 4 or 5 and give Student Activity Sheets to each group.
        • Present information and then have students do the activities.
        • Feel free to interject other pertinent information about taxes/savings/etc.
      • Materials:
        • Teachers lesson plans (2 separate short lessons), student activity sheets (2 separate student activities - enough to share in groups, not individually). Copies will be in your boxes Monday.

    April 16 Seminar:


    • 11th Seminar: Preparing for Life after High School – This live YouTube stream lesson will introduce things students can be doing now to prepare for life after graduation. Whether you plan to work after high school, attend a four year college or you’re just not sure, Mr. Spraggins and Mrs. Maguire will address topics key to junior year as you prepare to be seniors and all your next steps.
      • Teachers, please watch your email for detailed information about connecting to the YouTube link on Tuesday morning.


    • 10th/9th Seminar: We will be introducing students to the SchooLinks college and career readiness website.  Before the end of the full seminar time, we hope students will be able to log into their account and complete all onboarding activities.  This will require all students to have a computer.  Before next Tuesday please insure that computers have been logged into within the past week (for recent updates) and also they are fully powered.  There is a short video to show students during the lesson.
      • Video introduction to SchooLinks: https://youtu.be/3NSvCoS4BKk
      • Lesson Plan

      • Frosh/Soph teachers travelling, please remember to take your own computer with you; there will be a video you need to show students with instructions on accessing SchooLinks.