• Parent Involvement Plan 2017-2018

    Stevens Elementary School

    A School-wide Title I, Part A Educational Community*


    Ratified:  6/6/17


    Communication with Parents

    When and how Title I, Part A requirements are explained to parents

    €       A presentation will be given at Estimation and Literacy Night in the winter and spring

    €       At open house a looping PowerPoint slideshow will be running in the MPR room.

    €       At a PTG meeting, requirements will be explained and an open forum will be held for parents to give input about their wishes for their school.

    How and when additional meetings will be held

    €       At regularly scheduled PTG meetings during which the Principal’s Report will be presented

    How parents will be involved in planning, review and improvement of this plan/policy

    €       Regularly scheduled PTG meetings

    €       A survey given during the Family Events seeking input on how to help parents be more involved and specifics parents have for making Stevens a better place for children.

    How parents will be provided information about the Title I, Part A program throughout the year

    €       The weekly newsletter will keep parents informed. 

    €       Family Events and Parent/Teacher Conferences will also provide opportunities for effective partnering.

    €       A print tri-fold hand-out explaining Title I, Part A will be given to all families at Family Events and will be available at parent-teacher conferences.

    €       The PTG is the main conduit for communication and input for parents at the school. 

    How parents may request meetings, provide suggestions, and participate in decisions regarding their children’s education

    €       Parents may request meetings via email, in person, or by phone.

    €       Parents may provide suggestions through the annual school survey, attending PTG meetings, or contacting the school directly.

    €       Parents attending parent/teacher conferences, or requesting meetings outside of conference weeks, are encouraged to actively participate in decisions regarding interventions on behalf of their children.

    €       When limited English proficiency exists, the school utilizes district interpreters.

    How school personnel will respond to parent’s requests and suggestions

    €       Staff members are committed to returning phone calls or emails the same day, or at least within 24 hours.

    €       Parent suggestions for school improvement will be directed to building decision making bodies depending on the issue

    How parents will be involved in the development of the school/parent compact 

    €       Members of the PTG will work to draft the Stevens School/Parent Compact.


    Ways parents may be more effectively involved with school personnel in improving their children’s academic achievement

    €       Volunteer opportunities surveys are sent home at the beginning of the year.

    €       Parents are encouraged to attend Family Involvement Events.

    €       Parents are encouraged to participate in Parent/Teacher Conferences in December and March/April.

    €       Progress Reports are given to parents at Parent/Teacher conferences in December and March/April. Additionally, a final report is given in June at the completion of the year. 

    €       Parents may access Curriculum Connections by visiting the  district website at:  http://www.spokaneschools.org/curriculum

    €       Parents are provided with a pamphlet for each grade level in which they have a child attending at fall Open Houses.  This pamphlet outlines learning for the year.

    €       Books are provided through classroom libraries and the school library for students to read at home with families. 

    How this plan will be disseminated to parents

    €        Parent –Student Handbook and calendar

    €        During PTG meetings



    Title I

    Parent Involvement/Communication Opportunities Throughout the Year


    Daily Opportunities

    Home communication/Examples of Student Work and Progress

    Classroom folders/binders sent home with school communication, student work samples and homework



    Survey of volunteer opportunities sent home in fall packet

    Stevens Website


    Provides information regarding school events, how to contact staff members, other school/district information

    Family Information Calendar and Student Handbook

    Sent home the first day of school and includes information about school activities, student recognitions, rules/expectations, etc.


    Weekly/Ongoing Opportunities

    Weekly Newsletter

    Sent home each Wednesday with pertinent school information, ideas on how to help children and an upcoming events calendar

    Classroom Parent Newsletters

    Provides information specific to each classroom. 


    Fall Opportunities

    Classroom Open Houses/Kindergarten Round Up

    Opportunity to meet classroom teacher, learn about curriculum and expectations for the year.

    PTG Family Night/Trunk or Treat

    Opportunity for fun family activity.

    2nd Harvest Food Distribution

    Access to healthy food for all families.

    PTG Family Night/Turkey Bingo

    Opportunity for fun family activity.






    Winter Opportunities

    Book Fair

    Opportunity for families to purchase inexpensive books to read with their children.

    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Opportunity for parents to confer with classroom teachers about student progress.

    PTG Family Night/Cookies with Santa

    Opportunity for fun family activity.

    Estimation Night

    Opportunity for families to learn how to apply mathematics strategies when working with their children at home to help improve numeracy skills.

    Science Family Night

    Opportunity for families to learn science concepts and the scientific method.



    Spring Opportunities

    Book Fair

    Opportunity for families to purchase inexpensive books to read with their children. 

    McTeacher Night

    Opportunity for fun family activity.

    College and Career Night

    Opportunity for families to learn about College and Career Readiness.

    Muffins for Moms

    Opportunity for fun family activity.

    Literacy Night

    Opportunity for families to learn how to apply thinking strategies when they read with their children at home to help improve literacy skills.

    Donuts for Dads

    Opportunity for fun family activity.

    Stevens Cultural Event

    Opportunity for fun family activity.


    * Stevens is a School-wide Title I, Part A Educational Community.  This means that federal Title I dollars support programs at Stevens to meet the needs of any student in the school that has been shown to need academic intervention in order to be successful.