Salk Families:
    As you know, construction is in full swing here at Salk. We are very excited for our new building and are navigating the challenges that come with construction.
    You will see some significant changes to the parking lot on the Alberta side of the building following spring break. The main parking lot will no longer have public access. There will be a new temporary drive-through parking lot just north of the Alberta lot for parents to use to access the public and student offices. However, the main entrance of the building will continue to be the point of entry for all business, school deliveries, parents and guests.
    The safest parking lot for student drop-off and pick-up continues to be the lot by the old gym. This lot has 45 parking spaces and a drive-through access for drop-off and pick-up. Alberta Street continues to present safety challenges for drop-off and pick-up purposes especially during construction, therefore, we do appreciate your cooperation in using the lot by the old gym on Lindeke Street.
    In addition to changes in our parking, we also have three teachers moving to temporary classroom spaces in the old gym.
    Once again, after spring break the main parking lot will no longer have public access. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.
    Have a wonderful spring break, and we will see you in one week.