Welcome! Thank you for your interest in becoming a school volunteer. We're grateful for your willingness to lend us your time and talent and energy. What a gift you will be for our students!

    School volunteering is richly rewarding. There is nothing like watching that ‘Aha!' moment when a student finally grasps a critical concept. Knowing that your efforts as a tutor or mentor led to that moment is even more inspiring.

    Spokane Public Schools recruits and trains community members to serve in a variety of volunteer roles. Some serve as general classroom assistants and help teachers in a variety of tasks. Others tutor or mentor children on a regular, weekly basis. Others help chaperone events or field trips. Community members who are unable to work during the school day are encouraged to help by serving on advisory committees, by offering to assist with take-home, clerical tasks, or by helping with after-school events or clubs.

    All volunteers are required to register with the Spokane Public Schools Volunteer Program prior to beginning service. The application permits a thorough criminal history review through the Washington State Patrol. Once the application is approved, the volunteer can be placed in service with a neighborhood school. There, a volunteer coordinator will orient the volunteer to the building policies and procedures and will offer other training assistance as needed.

    Interested? Please download the application materials from the left-hand side of this page and return them to the Spokane Public Schools Volunteer Program, 200 N. Bernard, Spokane, WA 99201. Feel free to call the volunteer office at 354-7340 to ask questions or to have an application packet mailed to you.

    Again – thank you for your interest. Our students are certainly worth it!