• school bus
    1. How can I register my child to ride the bus?
    Fill out a School Bus Registration form online. Computers are available at school for you to register.
    2. How do I verify what stop my child has been assigned to?
    Please contact Durham at 483-0224.
    3. What is a HUB stop?
    A HUB is a centralized neighborhood location that is safe, centrally located, and easy access for a bus stop to be located.
    4. Where at each of these stops will the bus pick up and drop off?
    Please see our Bus Schedule for stop locations and times.
    5. Will there be supervision at the HUB stop?
    No supervision is provided at the HUB stop. It is important to know that the driver will drop students at the expected time and then move to the next stop on the route. It is helpful if parents work together to support supervision of the children in case you are running late to pick up your child. If we have a change in schedule we will activate our automated phone contact list and let you know what is going on.
    6. What are the pick-up and drop off times?
    Please see our Bus Schedule for stop times and locations.
    7. Can my child utilize a HUB stop that is near a relative, childcare program, etc…
    Yes, just indicate which HUB stop will be used on your registration form.
    8. Can my child use a HUB stop for a playdate?
    No. If an emergency situation arises where your child needs to ride a different bus please notify the office at 354-6409 and we can arrange this for you. Transportation services are not available for after school playdates.
    9. Can my child ride the bus certain days of the week, but not every day?
    Yes, but it is important that you attach your child's schedule to his or her backpack (perhaps in a luggage tag) so we can help your child get on the bus on the right days. This is especially important for our youngest students, but helpful for all children. Most of our bus issues occur when children are confused about their schedule and after school plan
    10. Can my child bring his or her instrument on the bus?
    Instruments are welcome to ride the bus with students if they can fit safely beside them, and there is room on the bus. If a route is full, you will have to choose an alternate route. Please be aware that there are no route changes for playdates, child care, etc.
    Shannon Lawson, Principal                            354-6404                                             
Last Modified on October 9, 2017