• Where can I find Bus Stop Times and Locations? 

    Please check on our website for all the latest updates and information. Starting this year, you must register to ride the bus. Forms can be found online. Only Express students will be allowed to board and be dropped off at Balboa and Jefferson.

    Answers to more transportation questions can be found on our Transportation FAQs page


    What about Specialist Classes? 

    Students will have access to Specialist Classes such as Library, Art, Fitness and Health, Music, Band and Strings like all traditional school programs. In most cases we share our specialists with other buildings in the district so it takes some scheduling to juggle each building.


    What about After School Activities? 

    We will have many opportunities for after school activities including Cross Country, Robotics, Basketball, Yoga and more! Families do need to provide their own transportation for after school activities.


    How early can I drop my child off, and when do I need to pick him or her up? 

    Students can be dropped off in the playfield between 8:15-8:30 (they can walk from there to breakfast if they eat breakfast at school) and can be picked up between 3:00-3:15. After 3:15, students are escorted to the office to call parents. The playfield is unlocked until 4:00 for families who wish to stay and supervise their children.


    How do I purchase breakfast and lunch? 

    Breakfast and lunch can be purchased online via the My School Bucks website. Lunch is $2.60 Breakfast is $1.50. Reduced lunch is free for K-3rd grade and $.40 for 4-6th grade. Reduced breakfast is free and milk is $.65.  A confidential meal application can be completed online or in the office for free and reduced meals. Your account does roll over from year to year. We do have a scratch kitchen at the Havermale Building and will provide healthy options for your children. As much produce and herbs as we can harvest from our Community Garden will be in our recipes and nothing will be breaded. Menus will be posted on the website and classroom. Breakfast is 8:00-8:30 and Lunch is either 11:00-11:35, 11:30-12:05, or 12:00-12:35, depending on your child’s classroom.


    What about the other programs housed in the Havermale Building? 

    In addition to Spokane Public Montessori several other programs are housed in the building. These programs collaborate and coordinate with some aspects of Montessori but are separate programs with specific goals and requirements. The Medicine Wheel Center is a collaboration with Indian Education Program and the Native Project. They use the building every Wednesday after school for their wellness and community programs. They also utilize the building for their summer school. We house some district office space for special services. There are two Designed Instruction classrooms that will be integrated into our program where appropriate and three preschool classrooms and one Preschool Express program housed in the portables. We also host the Work Based CTE office of Diane Baye who assists with the Community Garden, among other things in the district. The staff, children, and families in these programs are welcomed to join events and gatherings at the school building but do have their own focus as well.


    What about before and after school care? 

    There are three options for families all of which provide transportation. Please contact the programs for enrollment information and cost.


    My child needs health services, an Individualized Education Plan, or #504 plan. What should I do? 

    Please contact our main office (354-6527) to set up a time to bring in health information, medications, etc.. Ms. Sullivan, our Asst. Secretary, can assist you. Our counselor, Margie Arnzen (phone: 354-6403), can assist you with #504 plans and support in Individualized Education Plans.


    What is the best way to receive information about school? 

    All activities, events and information will be posted on our website. I will also send out weekly bulletins with timely information and upcoming events via email. They too will be posted on our website weekly. You can always contact myself (Shannon Lawson, 354-6404) or your child’s teacher with any question or concern. We would love to directly support you and answers questions. There is a parent supported Facebook Group and website as well to keep you connected.


    How do I get involved? 

    We have a strong parent advocacy and involvement group Community of Montessori Parents (CoMP). There are many ways to be involved and support the school by joining our CoMP group and their talent and advocacy has paved a successful path for our school. You can send your contact information to them at info@spokanepublicmontessori.org and you can “Like” their Facebook page Spokane Montessori Enthusiasts and then join our school's private parent-group Community of Montessori Parents at Spokane Public Montessori for information, support for Montessori at Home, and upcoming ways to become involved.

    In addition to CoMP we welcome classroom volunteers, library volunteers and other mentorship and support of our students and teachers. If you can volunteer your time and talents we will certainly put you to work! Contact our Office Manager, Tracey Allers, at 354-6401 to get signed up!


    Thank you!

    New beginnings always bring many wonderings and I appreciate your patience with the unknown and the support you have offered each other in the process. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions! We are here to build a new beginning together!


    Shannon Lawson, Principal                            354-6404