•  SPS Technology Support Departments
    Who are we, and how do we support you?
    Educational Technology (Curriculum and Training Support)
    Seamless integration of technology and instruction that empowers all staff and students to create, communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve while providing a meaningful learning environment which prepares students for post-secondary pursuits. This is done via Professional Development, Coaching, Mentoring, and Integration of Technology within the Curriculum.
    Website: www.spokaneschools.org/edtech
    YouTube Channel: EdTechSpokane
    Technology Services (Technical Infrastructure)
    Technology services are a critical part of the delivery of educational services for Spokane Public Schools. The role of the Technology and Information Services is to provide leadership, recommendations and support for those systems, such as PowerSchool, IFAS, the district website, phone systems, etc., that are utilized to provide services across the district.
    Website: http://swcontent.spokaneschools.org/Page/2422
    Instructional Technology Support Center (a department within Tech Services for Hardware, Software, and Online Technical Help)
    ITSC’s role is to supply and maintain the Spokane Public Schools (SPS) with the Audio/Visual and Computer technology needed to support a modern education curriculum. Consisting of a diverse team of service oriented personnel, we strive to maintain maximum availability of more than 22,000 pieces of equipment installed within the SPS infrastructure. Providing software licensing, hardware procurement and repair, or on-site and remote support, the ITSC is your one-stop Help Desk point of contact. Call ex.7600.
    Website: http://swcontent.spokaneschools.org/page/2319

  • Need By Topic

    ITSC Helpdesk
    Immediate Technical Support ex. 7600
    ITSC Webpage: Click here

    Assessment Dept:
    Data Tools, State Testing, and Lexmark Education Station Assessments
    ex. 5942
    For immediate assistance, call 1-800-823-1969 opt. 3 and a specialist will assist you promptly.
    Blackboard SVL/iCan/Curriculum Support
    Destiny Support
    Rachel Nicholson: ex. 7219 or racheln@spokaneschools.org
    Elementary Record Book Support
    Principals: Assessment Department or ex. 7600 for Login
    Teachers: Check with your principal for Username and Password
    Having browser issues call ex. 7600 or try Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
    All other concerns should be directed to the "Help Request Email" located in the ERB: or email erbhelp@spokaneschools.org
    ERB Help
    Employee Discounts


    An administrator at the school, or assigned "building manager" needs to email Jean Sander in HR to add or fix an account. JeanS@spokaneschools.org
    District Account/Office 365 Account Login Reset
    Teachers reset your or a students account at the District Account website.
    Students contact teacher/library teacher.

    PowerTeacher and PowerTeacher GradeBook

    ex. 7600
    Secondary BookRoom & TextBook Manager Support
    Michelle Russell: 5931
    Rachel Nicholson: ex. 7219 or racheln@spokaneschools.org


    Teacher or School Website Support