• School Wide Literacy 
    Pirates Tackle Literacy Across All Content Areas

          In an effort to jumpstart stagnant reading and writing state assessment scores and improve each student’s ability to access content across all content areas, John R. Rogers has implemented a focused, building-wide literacy implementation plan in all subject areas.  The collaborative literacy work began last February, as staff spent four months creating and revising multiple drafts of a Literacy Belief Statement and Literacy Skill Posters in four key literacy skill areas:  Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Reasoning.  In early June, both the belief statement and skill posters were finalized and the focus turned to classroom implementation during the 2014-15 school year.

              The John R. Rogers Literacy Team is made up of department leads who represent every content area, including both core curriculum classes and all electives.  The Literacy Team meets weekly to discuss implementation plans, collaboration topics, lesson ideas, and look at student work.  Staff was trained in departments to teach the first content literacy lesson during our initial implementation window, September 22nd to October 31st.  During this window, students will practice the literacy skills outlined in the initial lesson in each of their content areas, allowing them to practice using Academic Vocabulary, R.E.A.D. Annotation Strategies, and crafting sentences using the conjunctions: But, So, and Because.

              The literacy work will continue throughout the school year, with the school’s Instructional Coaches providing professional development opportunities and supporting staff with multiple Q & A sessions and Literacy Lunches.  The commitment of staff and common literacy focus is represented in all of our classrooms with the four literacy skill posters hanging prominently at the front of each room, as well as each student receiving a bookmark at the beginning of the year featuring the steps of the R.E.A.D. Annotation Strategy and providing students with some common symbols to use when marking text in all their classes.

    John R. Rogers is committed to ensuring students are graduating with the literacy skills necessary to not only be successful in their post-secondary endeavors, but also build a foundation to become productive members of our community.  “We have identified literacy as one of the key lynchpins leading to continued improvement of our on-time graduation rate and increased student achievement.  Our work with literacy not only supports our students during their time here at John R. Rogers, but also aligns really well with our district’s T-2-4 initiative,” states Principal Lori Wyborney. Please take some time to support our literacy efforts here at Rogers and have a conversation with your student at home about their literacy activities.
    Contributed by
    Joe Phipps
    Literacy Lead