• FAQs
    Can I play games on my device during recess?  Devices brought to school should only be used during class time when approved by the teacher.  If you do use during recess, you are still responsible for loss or damage.
    Are students allowed to play games during free time? Students should only have their devices out for educational purposes. If they are not using them for class they should be stored away in a secure location.
    Can I keep personal data on my device such as music or photos? Any inappropriate photos should never be on your device. Music that may be considered inappropriate should not be played while on school grounds. If you think it might be considered inappropriate, take it off and store on your device(s) that don't come to school.
    What if you see someone using your device without permission or see someone doing something wrong? Anytime this happens, report it to your teacher immediately.
    Can I download apps while at school?  Some students have been able to access the App Store through Matheno.  We can't guarantee this will always be the case so it would be a better routine to download all apps at home, with parent consent, prior to coming to school.
    What programs (apps) are used by the school?  We have a structure in place to evaluate content apps that are used in the classroom.  There are too many apps to list here but feel free to contact your students teacher to see what apps they are using.
    Why can you not charge at school?  There are not enough wall outlets for every student to charge their device at school.   It can also be a security issue as students are usually not sitting next to a wall plug and must therefore leave their device unattended while charging.
    What is the wireless range?  Wireless coverage is provided for classrooms in the school but may be limited in hallways or outside the building.
    How much does logging into my school account limit my internet capabilities?  Students will have the same internet access on a device as they would logging into any school computer.
    My device keeps asking for authentication login, or the device says it does not support the type of content?  Please remember that this is a pilot, so if you are having problems with login to the Wi-Fi, please make sure to let the teacher know so we can follow-up on it. 
    Why not use standard QR codes?  The reason we are using Microsoft Tag is that it is free and allows us to track how many hits a tag gets. This inturn informs us of the students interests and how better to connect with them. Other QR readers we looked at charge for the tracking feature.
    Can I print from my device?  Currently, only school devices can print to school printers.
    Will teachers provide guidance on appropriate social media behavior (even though it is not used in school)?  If the opportunity comes up, a teacher may address this topic.  It is addressed when students go through the district provided 'Personal Safety' materials provided in grades K-6, 8th grade College, Career, and Life Readiness class and 9th grade Health.
    Is an iPod too small of a device?  That is something you will have to determine on an individual basis.  If you can't do what your teacher is asking on an iPod then talk with the teacher about it or bring a different device.
    Are there any devices not recommended?  With the BYOD pilot being so new, we don't have devices that are not recommended at this time.  As we find them, we will post them here.  Please see the device recommendations that were provided by your teacher, or visit this webpage: http://swcontent.spokaneschools.org/Page/20481