Spokane Virtual Learning


What is Spokane Virtual Learning?

The Spokane Virtual Learning (SVL) program is a Web-based educational project of Spokane Public Schools that provides instructor-led online courses to students.
All instructors have valid state certification in their subject areas. SVL presents students with an interactive learning experience, not a textbook online.




Who can take Spokane Virtual Learning classes?

Spokane Virtual Learning courses are available to all Spokane Public Schools and outside district students.
Because SVL is an OSPI approved Multidistrict Online Provider all credits have been approved by the State of Washington.

How much do SVL classes cost?

There is NO CHARGE for Spokane Public Schools students during the school year.

Options for students outside of Spokane Public Schools:

  • OPTION 1: Inter-district funding/Shared FTE Agreement Your school district can acknowledge that you are taking one or more classes with SVL and make FTE funding available to support your learning (no tuition necessary).
  • OPTION 2: Tuition
    Tuition is $350 per semester, per semester class.
  • OPTION 3: District-to-District Partnership
    School districts can provide their own online learning program with no up-front costs or loss of FTE by contracting with SVL for their online course offerings at reduced rates.

Are students successful in online learning?

Spokane Virtual Learning has a very good success rate for students because of the strong student support provided. Although students can take all or part of their courses online, it is recommended that the ideal situation is for students to take a portion of their courses in person and the rest online for the greatest success. SVL online curriculum is the same Spokane Public Schools curriculum as in the classrooms, just in an online format. Therefore, students are better prepared to take state assessments and to be college and career ready.

According to the 2008-09 Legislative Review of Online Programs, SVL has some of the highest student completion and pass rates in Washington State:


  Enrollments Completion Rates Pass Rates
Insight (Quilayute Valley) 18,773 99.4% 46.1%
WAVA 9-12 (Monroe) 7,621 86.1% 64.2%
WAVA K-8 (Steilacoom Historical) 3,126 87.5% 100%
Internet Academy (Federal Way) 3,077 66.7% 68.4%
Spokane Virtual Learning (Spokane) 1,000 84.4% 84.1%
Yakima Online (Kittitas) 871 96.4% 76.2%
Evergreen Ignite (Evergreen) 254 55.9% 88.0%

How do I get more information about SVL?

For more information about SVL courses and to register, please visit: www.spokanevirtual.com

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