Internet Safety in the 21st Century

The Internet, computers, and mobile devices are 21st Century Tools that allow us to learn, connect, and collaborate effeciently and effectively.
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As you use these tools, here are some ideas to ponder:
Are you aware of online dangers?
Do you talk with adults, teachers, or mentors about developing safety skills whenever you are online?
In what ways can you avoid avoid dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful online behavior?

Resources and Strategies

How to become Internet smart: 

NetSMARTz for Kids:

NetSMARTz for Tweens:

Netsmartz for Teens:
Additional resources may be found at the ESD 101 Cyber Safety site:

How to report Cyberbullying:

Merriam-Webster defines cyberbullying as "the electronic posting of mean-spirited messages [or pictures] about a person (as a student) often done anonymously."

Cyberbullying should be immediately reported to your parents, guardian, teacher, principal or other trusted adult.

Use this link to instantly access Spokane Public Schools resources.

How to learn more about your Reputation: (Click the links below to learn more.)

Take charge of your online reputation.

What every teen needs to know about their online reputation.

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