• Spokane Public Schools students need to register for three credits per semester for grades 9 through 12, and meet the requirements listed below. (Note: 1 credit equals 2 semesters of coursework.)
     Subject Class of 2015-2018
    Minimum state and district credit requirements
    Class of 2019 and Beyond 
     English  4  4
     Mathematics (4)  3  3
     Science  3 (including 1 lab credit)  3 (including 2 lab credits)
     Social Studies
     (including .5 Civics)
     3  3
     Health and Fitness (5)  2  2
     Arts  1  2 (1)
     Occupational Education/CTE  1  1
     World Languages/
     Personal Pathway
     0  2 (2)
     Electives  5  4
     Total State and District
     Credit  Requirements
     22* 24 (3)
    *District credit requirements in excess of those required by the State Board of Education. 
    (1) One of the two Arts credits may be replaced with a personalized pathway requirement.
    (2) Two credits in World Languages pr personalized pathway requirements.
    (3) For individual students, 2 credits may be waived based on a student's unusual circumstances.
    (4) Includes completion of Algebra and Geometry.
    (5) Includes 1.5 credits Fitness and .5 credit Health.

    In addition to credit requirements, students must meet all state assessment requirements or approved alternatives and create a High School and Beyond Plan.

    For more specifics about SPS graduation requirements, including waivers and exemptions, please ask your school counselor and check SPS School Board policy and procedure 2410.