Northeast corner of Spokane Public Montessori building
    The mission of Spokane Public Montessori is to provide a quality public Montessori education in a culturally, racially, and economically diverse school community.
    Montessori in Spokane Public Schools celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012. It was created by a committed group of parents, whom began the board known as SCAMC, Spokane Community Advocates for a Montessori Curriculum. In 2008 the organization changed its name to CoMP, Community of Montessori Parents. The CoMP Board of Directors is the parent governing board which oversees the Montessori program. It is CoMP’s responsibility to maintain quality training, accreditation, and support to classrooms in order to maintain good standing within Spokane Public Schools.
    As a public school, there is no tuition charge to parents. We are located in the Havermale building, at 1300 W. Knox.
  • Montessori at a Glance

    All teachers, Montessori included, draw from a common source: the child and our “best practices” for teaching and learning. There are, however, unique aspects to a Montessori environment.
    • 3 year age span
      (3-6 years, 6-9 years, and 9-12 years)
    • Individually prepared lessons
      small group lessons (2-6 children)
    • Uninterrupted work periods (2-3 hours)
      child schedules work
    • “Hands on” materials for self-teaching
    • Limitation of material
    • High child to adult ratio
    • “Cosmic education”
      term used to describe the unique curriculum, materials, and methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori
    • Limited testing
      assessment based on observation, student work journals and portfolios, meetings with teacher
    • No grades
      anecdotal reports of social and psychological development, academic progress