• SPS offers several early learning/preschool programs to children ages 3 to 5.

    • ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) provides comprehensive preschool, health and family services at no cost to 3- and 4-year-old children and their families who are low income. The goal is to help children be ready to enter kindergarten. ECEAP programs are offered throughout Spokane County, including Lincoln Heights, Roosevelt and Stevens elementary schools.

      For more information about ECEAP programs located in Spokane Public Schools, contact:
      Stevens Elementary, CC Parker (509) 354-4221 or ccp@spokaneschools.org
      Roosevelt Elementary, Juliana Greiner (509) 354-4041 or julianag@spokaneschools.org
      Lincoln Heights Elementary, Juliana Greiner (509) 354-3336 
    • Head Start provides comprehensive preschool, health and family services at no cost to eligible children and their low income families. Head Start programs are available at many locations in the Spokane urban area, including Logan and Holmes elementary schools. 

      For information about Head Start and ECEAP programs located in other areas of the community, contact Head Start/ECEAP at 509-533-4800.

    • Express Preschool, located on the campus of the Spokane Public Montessori School (1300 West Knox Ave), provides a learning environment to help children ages 3 to 5 get ready to succeed in kindergarten. Express Preschool is operated by the Spokane Public Schools Express Childcare Program and is a fee-based program available to private-pay and state-assisted families. Find more information about Express preschool here or call 354-7312.

    • Special Education preschools are located throughout the district and serve students from 3-5 years old who are eligible for Special Education services. Spokane Public Schools preschool programs are taught by certificated preschool special education teachers. For more information, please contact the Special Education department at 354-7947. 

    • CTE Early Childhood programs are located at four Spokane Public Schools high schools. These programs connect high school students with 3-5 year old children in a safe, nurturing, interactive environment. There is a nominal monthly participation fee. Find more information here.
    Senator Patty Murray reads to students  
    Senator Patty Murray reads to preschool students in Michelle McKenzie's class at Lincoln Heights.